The 5 Virtues & Community Guidelines

The Aims of the Covenant of Hekate (November, 2010)

  1. To establish an international society through which the history and mysteries of the Goddess Hekate, as the Cosmic World Soul, are studied, shared and experienced;
  2. For each member to strive towards fulfilling their full potential in all that they are and all that they aspire towards becoming.

As we have grown as a community whose membership is so wide ranging and diverse it has naturally become necessary to try and find a set of ideal which all members feel
they can adhere to.

The Covenant of Hekate is a community of people who are united through our passion for the Goddess Hekate, by her many names, in her many forms and by her many faces.  We are not a spiritual, religious or magical tradition, instead we are a collaborative network through which information about both her historical and contemporary worship is shared. 

In 2013 members worked together as a community project and agreed a set of Virtues which it was felt were most closely associated with the Goddess Hekate. These virtues are:

■ Compassion
■ Courage
■ Temperance
■ Justice
■ Wisdom

The virtues chosen as it turned out were very similar to the Platonic Virtues of Antiquity, a set of ethics based upon the ideal state of being. As such the Five Virtues of Hekate lend
themselves to being further developed and now form the basis for a Code of Ethics within the Covenant of Hekate which each member can contemplate, discuss and strive
towards in their day to day lives and their interactions with other devotees, members of the wider community with which they are involved and even the Goddess herself.

To ensure that we all understand the meaning of these virtues, the following definitions apply:

– Sympathy and/or concern for others who are suffering or find themselves in an
undesirable position. A person attempting to develop the virtue of Compassion
within their daily life and practise would desire to aid in the alleviation of any
undesirable situation or at the very least not be a contributing factor towards it.

Real Life Example – You could try to help the homeless or less fortunate be they of the
two or four legged variety. Volunteering at local shelters or organising food drives are
great ways to learn and show compassion.

– Strength or character or fortitude to stand firm in your convictions and face
adversity or distress without fear. A person attempting to develop the virtue of
Courage within their daily life and practise may chose to stand firm against those
who would chose to undermine their beliefs or convictions or to speak out
against those who hurt and undermine others.

Real Life Example – Try standing up for someone you or your friendship group may
deem unpopular. Also when someone shows remorse for a wrongdoing some people
will continue to be angry and unforgiving. Instead state your position calmly (in itself an
act of courage) and then allow the situation to pass.

– Moderation and self-control are both acts of Temperance. A person attempting to
develop the virtue of Temperance within their daily life and practise may chose to
restrict some part of their life be that thought or action in an attempt to find a
balance rather than choosing to allow extremes.

Real Life Example – Try abstaining from certain types of food or drink or showing
restraint in discussions online. An example would be to learn to hold one’s tongue and
listen a bit more before jumping into an argument.

– Moral and physical rightness are both aspects of Justice, as is the sometimes
contradictory act of behaving fairly towards other people. A person attempting to
develop the virtue of Justice within their daily life would strive to act fairly,
truthfully and with personal integrity when dealing with others and themselves.

Real Life Example – Try to treat others fairly, in action and tone be it online or in person.
Try to not pass judgement on another based upon your own feelings for a person, your
understanding of the situation or hearsay. There are often two (or more) sides to a story
and the truth lies somewhere between. If the truth cannot be ascertained then try being

– To have the common sense, foresight and understanding to think or act in a
manner most objectively and beneficially to any given situation. A person
attempting to develop the virtue of Wisdom within their daily life would strive to
apply their knowledge and experiences in a prudent and practical way.

Real Life Example – Try volunteering to share on a topic that you are knowledgeable
on with a local group or center. Offer to do a guest blog post or write an article for an eZine
on a particular subject.

Together The Five Virtues of Hekate create a balance. One cannot have compassion without
courage. One cannot have temperance without wisdom. To reach true justice, one
must bring all four together. As a society the Covenant of Hekate aims to not only
study share and experience the mysteries of the Great Goddess Hekate but to strive to
fulfil the potential which we all possess and to encourage our brother and sister
members to do the same. To do so in a respectful and nurturing environment requires
our members to consider carefully their thoughts, words and actions when representing
themselves and the interests of the Covenant of Hekate as a whole.

NOTE: We now ask that all new members read this document and as part of the application process we ask that they consider what these virtues mean to them and also if the code of conduct is something they feel they are willing to try and integrate into their everyday life.

Code of Conduct

i. CoH members will be mindful of the feelings, situations, and viewpoints of others
and will not seek to deliberately offend or antagonise others.
ii. CoH members will attempt to find reconciliation and mutual understanding during
times of conflict and strife.
iii. CoH members should endeavour to demonstrate caring and support and to take
the opportunity to help others in need whenever possible.
iv. CoH members will endeavour to understand the point of view of others when
disagreements or differences of opinion are encountered.
v. CoH members will endeavour whenever possible to be kind and be aware that
there is no single “right way”, there are many right ways for many different people
and this should be respected.

i. CoH members shall be willing to stand by their fellow members and support them
in times of difficulty.
ii. CoH members shall strive to provide information without judgment.
iii. CoH members shall take the initiative to defend others from ridicule.
iv. CoH members shall welcome, understand, support diversity and speak out
when bigotry is encountered.
v. CoH members shall have the courage to admit when they are wrong and not be
afraid to apologise when necessary.

i. CoH members will remember that they are the face and reflection of the CoH and as
such they should not act in any manner which could be construed as detrimental
to the Covenant and its members.
ii. CoH members will demonstrate a sense of community and should be willing to
demonstrate a commitment to work with Hekate and alongside other members.
iii. CoH members should not act in any manner which could be considered vengeful
and extreme. They should also avoid rude, disrespectful or antagonistic behaviour
when dealing with confrontational situations and should seek to peacefully
resolve and/or accept differences.
iv. CoH members will be diligent in their commitments to other members and will
wherever possible fulfil any obligations they have agreed to.
v. CoH members will be mindful of the information they share outside the Covenant.

i. CoH members shall at all times represent the Covenant positively by speaking
truthfully of themselves and others in the wider community.
ii. CoH members shall at all times represent the Covenant positively by acting with
fairness and integrity towards other members and the wider community.
iii. CoH members shall at all times represent the Covenant positively during their
interactions with other members and the wider community by acting honestly and
without bias.
iv. CoH members shall strive to reach the balance of fair and equal treatment.
v. CoH members must refrain from unnecessary judgmental behaviour.

i. CoH members shall strive to support, advise and guide those seeking
understanding in a respectful, objective and practical manner.
ii. CoH members shall only apply their knowledge and understanding of the
mysteries of Hekate in a manner that is beneficial to the Covenant, its members
and the wider community.
iii. CoH members shall always strive to expand their own knowledge and shall at
every possible opportunity work to research and discover the historical origins of
and associations relating to Hekate.
iv. CoH members will continually seek greater understanding of Hekate and Her
mysteries and will strive to see differences in tradition, praxis and philosophy as
a source of interest and an opportunity for learning.
v. CoH members understand that their experience within the Covenant of Hekate is
dependent upon their own outlook and the kind of energy they put into the

Hekate. - Artwork by Devotee – Martina Santarsiero (Italy). Used with permission of the Artist.

Hekate. – Artwork by Devotee – Martina Santarsiero (Italy). Used with permission of the Artist.