Colin, UK

Unfortunately, I have very little formal education, As I was born with a number of physical defects, which put me in Hospital from age five till elven. So I missed five years, and because of the terrible trauma I suffered, I lost the power of speech, and when I finally learned to speak again, I had a very bad stutter. I have lived my whole life with P.T.S.D. Also, I suffer from Dyslexia, and I am left-handed.

When I did go to school, I was classed as “educationally subnormal” and abandoned to my fate, O! Did I hate school with a passion!. What saved me was I have a natural gift for working with my hands. I left school at fifteen, with no idea what to do, so my father put me into an engineering apprenticeship. While this was interesting, I did not light my fire.

During these five years, I discovered classical music, I loved the sound of string instruments especially the violin. I did learn to play it ( very badly!), but I was fascinated with what made it sound the way it did. I left engineering and joined the violin trade, and I have never looked back. I have always had a mystical turn of mind. Which after many twists and turns, (I have been in and out of more belief systems than I care to remember). Brought me to Hekate, and She led me to the COH, and so here I am.