Colleen Kelly, Germany

Having something of a green thumb and a life-long fascination with and passion for both the healing herbs as well as the baneful ones, I have always cultivated a rather wild, yet lush garden, deriving great satisfaction from the nurturing and upkeep of my wards and from the comings and goings of the birds, bees and butterflies it attracts. Looking back over my biography I realize Hekate was there all along, yet it was the act of dabbling in herbal magic, in the summer of 2012, which catalysed my conscious awareness of Her.

I enjoy solitude and have been a solitary practitioner for most of my life, my magical knowledge and ways coming from someplace inside. After Hekate I began to feel the urge to seek community, which is how I came to the CoH, and I have met some wonderful people since then.
From early childhood and well into adulthood I moved around a lot, living in various countries in Europe as well as in the United States. I am thankful for the rich cultural diversity to which I have been exposed. After settling in Germany and after my children were born (son, 1993, and daughter, 1995) I became interested in alternative healing methods and took up Reiki, Shiatsu, and other forms of healing.

Nowadays I do freelance work from the home which allows me to live a flexible lifestyle that revolves around my devotional practice, my garden, dedicated to Hekate, and my service work.

As Torchbearer within the CoH I enjoy participating within the online group whenever my active life allows. My special focus is on our local community here in Germany, which I hope will grow and thrive. I host regular meetings for meditation and study for those interested as well as the occasional open ritual. Beginning in 2021 I plan to organize outings to local power spots in my area. Anyone in or near Heidelberg is welcome to contact me.

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