Diane Champigny, Massachusetts, USA

Devotional Rites 2010 - Sorita D'Este

I am a Third Degree High Priestess and Lineage Elder of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft currently living in Massachusetts, USA. I am an active member of the Society of Elder Faiths and have served as a Ritualist and Workshop Facilitator for the Wiccan Educational Society: a Global Pagan Community. I am a Torchbearer of The Covenant of Hekate and have contributed to the books “Priestesses, Pythonesses, Sibyls” “From A Drop of Water” “Hekate: Her Sacred Fires” and “Vs.: Duality and Conflict in Magick, Mythology and Paganism” published by Avalonia Books. My love and connection with Hekate has always been very deep and I welcome contact and inquiries from seekers who wish to learn and experience Hekate’s Mysteries in the Northeast Region of the United States. With sufficient interest, I hope to form a study group and perform rituals dedicated to Hekate in my area.

Inquiries may be directed to PriestessThea@hotmail.com

Covenant of Hekate Torchbearers: