Dorn Simon, Wexford, Ireland


Dorn Simon was born in the ‘oldest recorded town in Britain’, the Pre-Roman town of Camulodunum, now known as Colchester in 1968. (The earliest record of the town’s existence is a reference by the Roman writer, Pliny the Elder in AD77).

As a child poet, it wasn’t long before her alternative beliefs would manifest; a knowing, yet only a few terms to identify that knowing, at such a young age; sadly most of those terms denoting a derogatory impression, words such as Witch, Heathen; and the term Pagan, which was being used to describe NO Religion! Nonetheless, that is the path Dorn travelled…

Dorn is a Torchbearer in the Covenant of Hekate, with current interests in Pre-Hellenic cultures worshipping Ἑκάτη, and learning the Hellenic Calendar.

Spiritually, Dorn is a Priestess in training, in the Fellowship of Isis, where as a Consecrated Adept, founded an Iseum dedicated to Hekate/Ἑκάτη and Hermes; Chartered by the FOI Founder Lady Olivia Robertson, called the Iseum of Hekate, Phosphoros, Soteira and Psychopompe Hermeneus.

Dorn is currently finalising the first draft of her Devotional Book entitled ‘Hymn a Day to Hekate (Ἑκάτη) ~ Devotional Hymns for 365 Days’, to be traditionally published in Paperback 2016/17.

Dorn has previously contributed to the Avalonia Published Anthology ‘Hekate: Her Sacred Fires’; ‘Isis-Seshat’ magazine of the Fellowship of Isis; ‘Mirror of Isis’.

Dorn currently resides in the Art infused town of Wexford, in the sunny South-East of Ireland.


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