Lotus Kozak, Vancouver Island, Canada

Hecate first appeared to Lotus during a ‘dream’ journey. The very next day while finishing up a book she was reading, she noticed the author, Emily Carding, was noted as being part of something called ‘The Covenant of Hekate’. Not one to ignore amazing synchronicities, it wasn’t long after that she did her Rite of The Red Cord and became a member of the CoH!

Since that time she has participated in the CoH in various ways, the most recent being that of taking on the role of editor for Noumenia News. She also recently founded the very first CoH Postcard Swap. As a Torchbearer one of her goals is to continue to work to connect the CoH members across the world in ways that are not attached to social media, and even sometimes completely off the internet when possible.

Lotus is especially captivated by the ancient civilizations of Minoa, Egypt and Rome, studying what she can of their deities, magic, art and architecture. She also has a special love for Tibet and was involved in Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years, something that was completely lifechanging. She is learning Polish, Ukrainian and Latin, and hopes to learn hieroglyphics one day as well.

Lastly, Lotus is a student of various folk magic practices, some of her own lineages, others not, but she learns all she can of the culture and people those practices come from when sharing in their magic, whether her own lineages or not. She is especially interested in Slavic folklore, paganism and witchcraft, and would love to connect with others more knowledgeable in these practices.

Lotus resides on beautiful Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada and can be reached at walkingtheroadwithhecate@gmail.com

Her blog is here: https://walkingtheroadwithhecate.blogspot.com/

She also writes over at Medium for several publications: https://medium.com/@walkingtheroadwithhecate

She can be found on Instagram under lotus.anastasia and at Twitter under lotusanastasia.

Lastly she has recently started doing oracle and tarot readings over at Etsy and has plans to expand the shop in the following year. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/LuckyBlackCatOracle?ref=seller-platform-mcnav