Patricia Elizium, São Paulo, Brazil

Patricia Elizium

Patricia Elizium is a Priestess of Hekate and lives in São Paulo – Brazil.

Graduated in psychology, lover of dogs and rabbits, she is dedicated solely and exclusively to the Goddess Hekate within the Ancestral strand, inspired by Ancient Mystery Cults.
She started her journey with the Ancient Gods in the year 1990; and between the years of 2003 and 2004, during a great moment of crossroads in her life, she had her first encounter with this great Goddess who became the Lady of Her Paths. And since then, she has dedicated herself to serving Her in a priestly way with all her affection, respect, love and devotion.
Patricia is very active within the Brazilian Hekatean and Pagan Community through the development of several projects inspired by the Goddess.

Founder of the Samothrace Tradition, Hierophant of the Temeno of Aegina, Devotee and Torchbearer of COH (Covenant of Hekate), Member of CoTW (Covenant of the Waters), Bearer of the Light of Hekate (Temple of Hekate – Correllian Nativist Tradition), creator and founder of the Circle of Dadophoros, Creator of the Podcast Between Paths, Keys and Doors, Marine Priestess, Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis (FOI – Iseum Venerandum), Blesser and Healer.

She is the developer of the weekly project “Blessings of Hekate” in which every Monday night she sends the blessings of the Goddess to all those who want and need them.
In 2020, during the intense period of the pandemic, she developed the project “Trezena de Hekate Soteira”, which had the purpose of bringing together devotees of Hekate from all over the world, with the goal of together, united in a great web and in a single prayer, spread around the world the creative and healing flames of this Great Goddess, bringing light, salvation, welcome, hope and restoration to all humanity.

As a COH (Covenant of Hekate) Torchbearer, her main commitments are:

  • Dedicate herself more and more to the study and deepening of the Mysteries of the Goddess,
  • Actively participate in our Hekatean community, building rites, develop projects and help devotees and seekers on their journeys,
  • To spread the light of the Goddess’s torches around the world, so that her mysteries can be understood, experienced, shared and eternalized.

Patricia can be contacted through: