The Covenant of Hekate is facilitated by volunteers who give their time, skills and energy to the creation of a community of peers united by a passion for the Goddess Hekate.

Hekate Shrine - Lotus Cooper

Hekate Shrine – Lotus Cooper

This page contains a list of volunteer positions currently (updated: January 2017) held within our community.
New projects are constantly created and others completed. So if you believe that something has been omitted or that an update is necessary, please email hekatecovenant @ gmail.com with details.  



Keybearer: Sorita d’Este.  Click for more info.

Admin Team: 
Sorita d’EsteLarry PhillipsSosanna Renee OlsonVikki Bramshaw, Florian Schlie

Spanish Membership Admin: ΠαλλαδίαAndrea

German Membership Admin : Florian Schlie

Complaints Officer: Larry Phillips

Member Publications:

Askei Kataskei (our eZine): Vikki Bramshaw (Editor), Dorn Simon (News and Events Calender).  Click for more info

Noumenia News (Our monthly newsletter): 
Sossana Renee Olson (EIC), Hazel (Copy Editor).  Click for more info.

Community Projects / Activities:

Creative Devotional Projects: Mima Cornish (team facilitator), Hazel, Giovanna Diaz

Monthly Deipnon Community: Marcel S. (facilitator), Constantinos N. (facilitator).

Hecate Einalian: Day 8 Ritual: Hazel (Creator & facilitator)

Ritual Seminars (exclusively for members): David Rankine and Rosa Laguna

Website & Social Media:

Web – Editors: Sosanna Renee Olson,  Constantinos N. and Rosa Laguna

Rite of Her Sacred Fires – Support Officers
:  Dorn-Simon (Ireland), Shay Skepevski (Australia), Robert Podmore (UK), Andrea Angelos (Chile/UK), Veronica (Brasil), Iris (Brasil), Tita (Greece), Constantinos (Greece), Παλλαδία (Greece) and Monica (Portugal). See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/riteofhersacredfires/

Devotees Forum (English language, private): 
Andrea, Larry, Vikki, Florian, Marcel, Παλλαδία, Danae, Constantinos, Renee

Devotees Forum (Spanish Language, private): Andrea, Παλλαδία

Friends of the CoH (Facebook page): Sorita d’Este, Renee Sossana Olson,  Lisa B, Eirini T, Tita M, Monica F, Click for more info.

Articles, photographs and other contributions to this website: As credited, or collaboration between members.

Our gratitude to all of you who so freely give your time and energy to our community and to all of you who contribute and participate in community activities. For examples of work created by members for the benefit of all who share our interest in the threefold Goddess of the Mysteries, see RESOURCES. 

Altar for a fullmoon rite, by Hekatos

Altar for a fullmoon rite, by Hekatos

Membership of the Covenant of Hekate is free, and costs associated with running the website and providing other services are met by donation. To date it has not been necessary to ask members to contribute financially to the running of our community and we hope to keep it that way!