Devotees on “Hekate Soteira”

This page contains quotes by members of the Covenant of Hekate on how they understand and view the Goddess Hekate as “Soteira” (Saviour) and “Cosmic World Soul” roles she was given in the Chaldean Oracles and in the Mystery traditions of the ancient world. Sharing a vision of Hekate in this way is what unites us in the CoH even though our paths, experiences and views are varied.


“Always becoming, ever One, Presence in all things beyond understanding and Initiator to the Seeker, She encapsulates All: through Her, my soul is saved from entropy, for she is the Renewer.” (Sophia Kirke)

“For me, Hekate is the beginning and the end, and everything in between. She nurtures, and maintains, the ribbons that bind us together. She is Demeter here on Earth, sustaining all that lives. She is Persephone in the Underworld, transforming those who enter…. and through the stars, Hekate as Soteira both completes that cycle and facilitates a new one in a continuous circle.” (Melissa McNair)

“Hekate is the Universal Creatrix; She expands outward beyond the liminal edge of existence. Equally, she is the darkness that dwells in the shadow of light and the Torchbearing Goddess whose sacred flames cast light upon our spirit. She is our mediator, our protector, our mystery, and she calls us to expand and spiral into our own gentle awareness. 
We know her in our rituals, our devotions, our creative expression, and in the center of as above and so below. She holds the mirror to our dedication as she resides in the sacred space of our heart; where we honor her form as World Soul Goddess.”  (Cheryl Reynolds)

“Hekate Soteira, the all-pervading Spirit of the World, the ultimate reality and our inner guide.”(Carolina)

Hekate Shrine - Shay Skepevski

Hekate Shrine – Shay Skepevski

“Although she shows no mercy when it comes to opening doors, drawing your true self forth, She is boundless compassion. I can’t describe adequately the sense of compassion I have felt from her!” (Anna Marie)

“Hekate as Soteira is the great Torchbearer and Keybearer of the cosmos. She holds the keys to all worlds.” (Susan Moreland)

“Hecate Soteira is a deity that teaches you that strength comes from within. She guides me, and makes me see that I have all the tools I need to cope with life. It is from her that I understand the greatest lessons and wisdom comes from going through dark times. She is the ultimate spiritual guru- inspiring me to change for the best and continually evolve. At her core, for me, she isn’t just a deity, she represents a philosophical approach to life that I aim to achieve every day.” (Hazel)

“Mother of Souls and Soul of our World… From within Her womb of all things burns life-giving fire… communicating power between spirit and man, fire and beast!” (Shay Skepevski)

“Soteira is the shimmering vision that exists across all realms. Her breath is in the wind, Her eyes in the stars and Her fiery soul is within us all. She is the darkness in the light and the light in the darkness. Guide, nurturer, teacher. Keeper of the keys to those mysteries that are locked within and without. She is Hekate. She is All. She IS.” (Kenn Payne)

“The more I come to understand Hekate, the more I realise she is everything. She is the strong lady that guides me and the stern voice that scolds me. She is the argument and the resolution. She is the step forward and the pause to reflect. She is in my eyes, wide on a moonlit night, and in my heart in the darkest depth of sleep. She has come to me in dreams but she is also the dream itself; the ether, the essence, and the energy that binds. She is my hand reaching for answers, and the teasing laugh that always keeps some answers just out of reach, ensuring I will always be be moving forward from each crossroads I come to. She is a link to the past and the key to the future. She is the whole universe and the smallest atom and the spark of the seeker in each of us.” (Mabh Savage)