Day 8 (after New Moon) Oceanic Ritual

[This ritual was created by Hazel as part of her Torchbearer commitments, 2016]

Hekate's Reach by Robert Podmore

Covenant of Hekate – Day 8 Oceanic Note:

This is a ritual to be conducted day 8 after the New Moon which is associated with honouring Poseidon (Mikalson, 1975). However because Hecate and Poseidon share many similarities (see Askei Kataskei Issue 6, page 17) and because Einalian is one of her epithets, we can bring them together into a ritual. Thus this ritual is designed to honour both Hecate and Poseidon, but how much emphasis you wish to delegate between the two is up to the devotee. Because water is commonly associated with emotions (Rankine and d’Este, 2008) the idea behind choosing your own work here is being able to fulfil whatever work you need to do for yourself emotionally.

Some ideas include:

Undertaking your regular healing or divination routine

To simply “be” letting your emotions come and go in whichever setting you want, like paying attention to your emotions, or even writing things down

Being artistic or creating something for Hecate

Visualising being on a beach and seeing where it takes you (Atlantis or any other underwater sea world!)
“Stepping into” a painting or an image and see where it takes you

If you want to honour other oceanic deities, then do so. Whatever it is you decide to do, call to Hecate and Poseidon. I have included an additional two options below with relevant oceanic hymns.

1. Preparation:

Set up for altar with the following items, and then prepare yourself as you normally do for rituals (bath, shower).

Image of Hecate Einalian and any other oceanic associations
Your red candle and cord
Chalice of water to drink from
Offerings for both Hecate and Poseidon (especially a liquid offering)
Any materials needed for your chosen work
Receptacle for liquid offering
Bowl of water with salt
Oil for anointing

The Ritual

2. Opening:

Light your red candle.

Place hands on your heart for 3 beats, then place your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand on your lips for 3 beats and then on your brow for 3 beats. Enclose your thumbs within your fists and raise both arms to the heavens with palms facing upwards. Open your hands and with your palm upwards in your left hand, bring your right arm to your side palm facing downwards.

Recite your personal Hymn to Hecate.

[Take three deep breaths in and make sure you are comfortable]

May my heart burn with desire for understanding (Touch your heart)
May my lips speak words of illuminated truth (Touch lips)
May my visions be filled with divine knowledge (Touch brow)   

Anoint yourself with your oil and then proceed

3. Invoke Hecate Einalian using the CoH hymn:

Hail Hecate Einalian
Titaness grand-daughter of Eurybia
Who bestows the Seas bounty as She pleases
Riding upon the waves you bring
Strength and the spirits of the Ocean
Within your waters shallow, like a safe harbour,
Do you offer me the safety of the familiar and the known
Yet in your fathoms lie hidden secrets,
The realm of my deepest unconscious.
Cocooned in your warm waters
Down in the darkest gradient I surrender.
Submerged, entombed, I harken to the mysteries of rebirth.
You temper the rages that overwhelm this vessel
And threatens to weather its spirit
Your mighty bellowing and flashes of brilliance
Quickens me with fertile thoughts.
You are the reflective light that dances upon the ocean waves
Travel with us as the starlight of guidance.
We’ll find you in the stillness of the water
As your beacon of light pierces
The oceanic depths of our being,
Illuminating our ways.
Wild and free you breathe birth and calm,
Beautiful and placid and ever uplifting
Yet turn around and that’s all gone,
Death and destruction is yours.
But on and on you flow and ebb, the tide of life.
Within the stillness we know you ride the wave
Moving on the ones who could not be saved.
You shimmer and dance and delight all who see
You Hecate Einalian, Goddess of the Sea!

4. Invoke Hecate and Poseidon together:

God and Goddess of the Oceans, I invoke you
Earth-shaker Poseidon, Celestial Hecate I call to you
Lord and Lady who bestow the seas bounty and offer safe passage
I hail to you!
Teach me the wisdom of the horse!
Grant me the magick of the seas!
Reveal to me my monsters of the deep!
Lover and Mother of the Dog-headed Scylla
I call and ask of you
To help me understand the powers of the Oceans

5. Offerings:

Give your offerings and as you do speak from your heart, let the words and emotions come to you intuitively.

6. Chosen Work:

Option A To explore your Shadow side

Use this hymn to invoke Hecate Krataiis. Take a deep breath and as you say the hymn, visualise every part of it. See the imagery unravelling in your mind’s eye and relax into it. Once you finish the hymn, close your eyes and continue the visualisation letting it take you wherever you need to go. Take note of what the torch looks like that she hands to you or anything else that crops up. This can also be recorded and listened to aid in visualisation.

 Darkness descends
Swimming to you
Treading water
I invoke you Great Hecate
Lady of the Waves
Oceanic Titanness

The shaking earth vibrates the sea
Roars from the deep
Bubbles arising
Fear takes over
I call you Mother of the dog-headed Scylla
Krataiis Hecate!
Illuminate this darkness

Pulled under
Cannot breathe
Heart pounding
Cannot see
Help Marine One
To face my monsters of the deep
Reflect my Shadow through the oceans mirrors

Seeing breathing
Light I see
Legs merging
My blood I hear
I see you Terrifying Queen
Behold the venomous Hecate!
Krataiis Hecate!

Eyes blackened
Scaly skin
Red black tail whipping
Fear gone
For it is you Hecate of the Dark Seas
Who hands me the coral torch
To illuminate this sea of black

Hail to Hecate! Mermaid of the deep! Oceanic One! I call to you! I invoke you!

Option B For divination 

Hail to the Goddess of the Moon
Titaness of the Celestial Throne
I call to you Great Hecate of Old
Mediator of Souls
Liminal Life-Giving Mother of the Oceans
Send to me your prophetic visions
By the powers of the Moon and Sea
Let the visions flow unto me

7. Finish:

Give your thanks to Hecate, Poseidon or any other deities you have invoked and remember to speak from the heart and then say to complete the ritual:

Bring me your oceanic secrets as I ebb and flow the depths of the sea.
Bring me your guiding light as I make voyage upon your waves of wisdom.
Bring me thirst of knowledge as I sip from your life-giving waters.

Mindfully take a sip of water from your chalice

Hekate Einalian, Goddess of the Sea…
Bring me safe passage as I devote myself to thee.


For acknowledgement of Hymns, see Hymns to Oceanic Hecate

Mikalson, J.D. 1975 The Sacred and Civil Calendar of the Athenian Year. Princeton University Press, USA.

Rankine, D and d’Este, S. 2008. Practical Elemental Magick. BM Avalonia, London.