CoH Sanctuaries

Candlemass Shrine 2012 - Sorita d'Este

The CoH is a worldwide organization with representatives in all corners of the globe. Our membership consists of Devotees and Torchbearers. Torchbearers are devotees who have taken an additional commitment to the service of the Goddess. The title Torchbearer is not a rank but more of a   description of what each commits to bring to our covenant.

As part of this role each Torchbearer has the option of creating a space to celebrate Hekate.  This can be a permanent ritual area where ritual can be held or a temporary space in a home or private location. CoH does not manage these spaces. Each Sanctuary is directly cared for by the Torchbearer and one may or may not be required to be a CoH member in order to attend. There may be however other requirements for attending functions at the Sanctuary. This is at the discretion of the Torchbearer.

Outlined below is a list of the current Official CoH Sanctuaries. Use the contact information      provided for the individual Sanctuaries to inquire about events, rituals or public events. A     Sanctuary brings together devotees, enabling them to work and perform ritual together.



Dark Moon Shrine 2012 - Sorita D'Este