Sanctuary of Hekate Einalian – Indiana, USA

Sanctuary of Hekate Einalian
Tinekke Bebout
Location: Highland, Indiana, USA (near Chicago)

The Sanctuary of Hekate Einalian is a new sanctuary near Chicago and open to anyone from the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana/Wisconsin/Southwest Michigan region who is simply interested in working with and learning more about Hekate in a community of folk who are devoted to Her. You do not have to be a member of Covenant of Hekate to join. We also welcome all who are interested in Hekate and want to learn about Her whether they live in this region or not, or even if they just want to be part of the group through Facebook.

Private Meetings: Once a month on the Deipnon starting in Spring. Bi-yearly in May for The Rite of Her Sacred Fires and in November for the Festival of Hekate of the Crossroads. Sanctuary is also available at other times to members for personal devotion, to make offerings, etc. This needs to be arranged with the Torchbearer ahead of time. Other rituals/meetings may be scheduled by the Torchbearer depending on needs of the members.

Open to Public: Once a year on the weekend closest to the Full Moon of July for a meet up and a greet/potluck picnic, followed by a ritual. Most meetings of this Sanctuary will be members-only except for the July picnic.