Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos (International, Virtual Sanctuary)

Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos 
Torchbearer: Sorita d’Este & others.
Location: International

(Next application date: March 2017)

The Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos is a virtual and international Sanctuary created for members of the Covenant of Hekate who want to study and practice together.  Members join in regular devotional and study activities during each lunar month cycle.

Meetings:  This is a virtual Sanctuary, using internet technology such as discussion forums, Skype and email for our activities. The Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos is aimed at providing members with keys to unlock the meaning behind the symbols associated with our goddess Hekate, through study, contemplation and ritual.  Candidates and members are provided with monthly documents outlining study and contemplations / rituals for the month ahead, working within the phases of the Moon – from New to Full to Dark.

We are rooted in history, drawing on historical literature, art and archaeology for our inspiration; with our living branches firmly in the 21st century – using the technology, knowledge and other tools available to us today.  We respect the ancient knowledge passed down to us by those who went before, but do not seek to recreate history past, instead we seek our beliefs, and create our rituals and practices in the present for the history of the future.

Requirements for membership:  Membership of this Sanctuary is by application, and open to current members of the Covenant of Hekate only.  Candidates for membership are expected to undergo a period of study and devotion through a guided course of study, and interaction lasting 3-4 months. Upon completion of the study course, members join in ongoing devotional projects and practice based on monthly themes.  Membership is free, however members are asked to reciprocate by giving back to the community by giving some of their own time, energy and knowledge back to the community in exchange.

Hekate Icon - Bulgaria / Thrace for the Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos

Sorita d’Este, also facilitates the Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira, which is a Sanctuary based in Glastonbury (Somerset, UK) holding regular meetings, some of which are open to all, others by invite only.  For more information see: Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira