Sanctuary of Hekate Ourania-Pammetor (International, Online)

The Virtual Sanctuary of Hekate Ourania-Pammetor is dedicated to the Goddess Hekate for the sole purpose of helping all those in need within the Covenant of Hekate. The Service provided by this Sanctuary is to transmit energy, as well as guidance and knowledge (where appropriate) to those truly in need in order to assist them in their daily struggles, whether these be health related issues, spiritual or psychological questions, or for protection.
We are a team of people from varied backgrounds with diverse metaphysical gifts who are dedicated in Service to Hekate and the furthering her worship. This Sanctuary utilizes the combined forces of two Epithets, Hekate Ourania – “Sky/Heavenly” and Hekate Pammetor – “Mother of All”, to assist us in channeling and directing Her energies to answering your petitions.
Each petition is carefully processed and assigned to one of the Sanctuary Members in a private and confidential manner to support you attaining your goal or desired outcome. We cannot make any claims to said outcome as we are simply facilitating the energy to assist you, with the hopes that you will achieve your heartfelt desire.
Under no circumstances shall any request for negative or harmful outcomes or cursing be considered, as this Sanctuary is built upon Love, Compassion and Healing.
In addition to this Service, the Sanctuary of Ourania-Pammetor will ask that you perform some act of charity to a person, an establishment or organization, to balance out the exchange of energy, as there is no charge for our Service.

Contact Edward or Francine for more information.