The Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira – Glastonbury, (Somerset) UK

The Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira
Torchbearer: Sorita d’Este
Location: Glastonbury, UK
Contact:                                                                                  Website: and

Membership of this Sanctuary is by invitation only and runs rituals in Glastonbury, Somerset. It is a ritual group dedicated to Hekate as the Saviour as she is seen in the Chaldean Oracles, but also throughout her long history. We honour her as the Cosmic World Soul, the Source of Virtues and the Initiatrix who teaches us about the Mysteries of Life, Death and Rebirth. We honour her as the three-fold goddess of Heaven, Earth and Ocean who guards and protects the liminal thresholds and allows us to shatter illusion. Hail Hekate Soteira!

Meetings are held out of doors in a very special grove of apple trees on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor (private access) as well as in an indoor, consecrated shrine room space.  Occasional meetings are open to all, details are usually announced via Sorita’s Facebook Page – go to and “subscribe” for updates.

From November 2016 this Sanctuary will also be offering members, who are already members of the Covenant of Hekate, additional dedication ceremonies. Information available only to attendees. 

To facilitate a meeting space for those interested in exploring the Mysteries of Hekate Soteira, in her many forms and by her many names in the Somerset, UK area, in which we can both offer devotion and explore closer communion with the Lady of the Crossroads, through trance, oracle, ritual and contemplation.

Please note:
We are not a “witchcraft” group or coven, nor are we seeking to recreate historic rituals. Our work and celebrations are rooted in the 21st century; the world we live in and which we are part of though we do draw our inspiration from historical sources and the experience we have gained from exploring the Mysteries. We do not celebrate “The Wheel of the Year” or other Wiccan / Neopagan festivals and practices, we are entirely focused on furthering our work with Hekate Soteira and work exclusively with the Lunar and Solar cycles as they occur and other stellar phenomena.