‘Spinner of Fate’ Retreat, Devon – March 2017

Dark Moon Shrine 2012 - Sorita D'EsteJoin us for a magical retreat over 6 days in rural Devon in March 2017!  The retreat is being hosted by Sorita d’Este, founder and Keybearer of the Covenant of Hekate.  (www.sorita.co.uk)

Dates: 11 – 17 March 2017

Meeting on Saturday we will get to know each other, settle in and get to know the site – a small holding, where we will have sole use of 3 cottages and grounds, with complete privacy.  In the days which follow we will create a unique and magical program of activities for all participants – a program which uniquely will ask all participants to contribute at least one workshop through which they will share their own knowledge and skills with other participants.  Skill sharing and co-operative projects are at the heart of the Covenant of Hekate community, so I believe that this will be an amazing opportunity for all of us!  (Even if you are new to exploring the mysteries of the Goddess Hekate, you will have skills which others will value, so put any thoughts of “I don’t have anything I can teach” aside right now! )

We will start each morning with a devotional ritual, there will also be daily meditations and evening ceremonies.  You need no previous experience of ritual or meditation, instruction will be provided where necessary.  So far we have penciled in a wand making workshop, a trance oracle workshop and working with incenses and oils workshop.  The full program will be made available to attendees nearer the time.

Planned activities will conclude with an evening ceremony on Wednesday.  All participants are invited to continue at the venue until Friday lunchtime, and to use the time for socialising, exploring the local area (day trips to Cornwall’s Boscastle, Tintagel, St.Nectan’s Glen and many other interesting places are possible) and for further group work.

Cost: £245 per person. This includes accommodation *; food & drink** and all materials needed for workshops and ritual.  Money alone should not be a reason for you to be excluded, so contact for details of part-sponsorships which might be available based on your circumstances.

How to apply: For details email hekatecovenant@gmail.com or see the private facebook group for members.  Please include with your application 1 or 2 proposals for workshops you would like to offer, or if you are not sure of what you can offer, let me know and I will discuss it with you and make suggestions.  This is a not-for-profit community event, as such bookings and deposits are non-refundable.


*Accommodation – This is a mixture of double beds, single beds and sofa beds.  Rather than institute different costs for different spaces, this will operate on a first-come-first-choice basis, based on the order in which bookings are received.  Participants can then organise themselves accordingly in the space after check in on Saturday.

** Food and drink will be strictly vegetarian, and will be provided for Saturday through to Wednesday.  Those wishing to stay on until Friday will need to provide their own food.  The venue is self-catering, so food will be prepared communally.