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Noumenia News is the official quarterly newsletter of the Covenant of Hekate. Each month we will bring you updates from our Sanctuaries around the world as well as creative offerings from our members. We will provide information on new members and work to create a bridge between our online and offline devotions. Sign up for Noumenia News by clicking here.

Noumenia News – The Covenant of Hekate Monthly Newsletter


Contributions Invited

Members of the Covenant of Hekate are invited to submit news, short articles, photographs, devotional hymns, original rituals, events listings, reviews and artwork to Noumenia News. This is a wonderful way to share your work and news with other members, as well as others interested in the Goddess Hekate.



Please be aware that by submitting your work to Noumenia News you understand that this work will be displayed in the newsletter which is accessible by those outside the CoH membership. Due to the nature of the internet, once content is published, it cannot be unpublished or removed. If you wish to correct any information in a previous edition, please email with full details, and we will endeavour to provide a correction in the upcoming edition.


Title/Your name: Please provide a title for your work and include the name in your document that you wish to be known as, bearing in mind that NN will be in the public domain.

Word limit: 800 words is a good amount, but the editor will consider longer written pieces as well.

Format: Font- either use Arial or Times New Roman. Font size- 12. Keep everything left justified and use single spacing.

Images: Please send all images as a jpg attachment and make sure that a photo credit is included, even if you took the photo. If you are using photos from sites that are copy-write free and not needing attribution, please make a note of that. Please be sure that the jpeg title includes what the image is of, and your first or last name.

References: If you are referencing a book or a chapter in a book, please provide the full reference at the end of the article:
Author’s name, Year of Publication, Title of book, Publication Company, Country of Publishers.

Make sure to stick to the same format each time you reference.
If you place a reference within the text, use author’s name and year of publication.

Review your work: Before you send, please remember to read over your work and correct for typos. Most programmes will highlight errors.

Submit your piece: Please send your written piece as a .docx or .pdf without images. If you have images and specific places where you want the images, you may also share a copy of your piece showing the images within the text. Please title the doc with the title of the piece and your name.

In the email itself you may also include a line or two of who you are and a website link if you wish that to be shared with your piece.

After you submit your piece you will receive an email acknowledgement. Your submission will be reviewed by our team of proof-readers if it includes text (unless it is a hymn). They will standardise the formatting, check spelling, consistency, word order and grammar. If a piece of work has been extensively edited by a proof-reader, you will receive an email with your edits. This is not a rejection of your piece it is simply to allow you to see what has been changed, and you can use this to improve your writing if you wish. After that, the piece will be published in Noumenia News.

For those of you who wish to go the extra mile, here are a few things to consider when writing especially if you are looking to improve:

  • There are different types of English language spellings: American- English, British-English, Canadian-English. Make sure to select only one of those and remain consistent with your spelling throughout.
  • “Hecate vs Hekate” and “her vs Her”
    Both are correct. It is up to you the author to select which one you use, but please do remain consistent throughout your piece. The same applies to capitalising the pronoun when referring to Hecate.
  • Epithets, moon phases, locations, festivals all start with a capital letter even mid-sentence. But directions, adjectives, nouns and verbs do not start with a capital letter unless it is the start of a sentence.
  • Make sure that your sentences are not too long. Break them up with relevant punctuation. This website Get Proofedhas an excellent blog section where you can search for the correct use of punctuation. Make sure to use a variety of punctuation and not just the same type throughout your piece.
  • There should only ever be one space before a new sentence after terminal punctuation. See Two Spaces After A Period: Why You Should Never Ever Do It.
  • The number of words can be limited by removing redundant expression.
    A redundant expression is when there is 2+ words that mean the same thing. For example: “We started our ritual at exactly 12 o’clock midnight,” where both 12 o’clock and midnight mean the same thing therefore 12 o’clock can be removed. For more on redundant expressions, see Get Proofed Redundant Expressions.


From 2018 Noumenia News is now also published here on our website. This allows both members and non-members to access archived newsletters with ease.  The newsletter is also emailed to all members.  Pre-2018 archives are available on request to members-only.

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