The Covenant of Hekate is dedicating the month of February to exploring and sharing information, ideas, insights and experiences of the goddess Hekate as the Cosmic World Soul.  This page will serve as a hub to gather links to articles, artwork, videos and other material being made available publicly.

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YouTube Contributions

Covenant of Hekate Members ~ Reading of the Chaldean Oracles
(more will be added throughout Feb.2018)
Sorita d’Este – Lines 1-9
Sara Bubastis – Lines 10 -24
Matthew Martin – Lines 25-38
Dorn Simon – Lines 39-50
Lady Seeta – Lines 51-62
Tita Moraiti – Lines 63-77
Aglaia Francesca – Lines 78-87
Colleen Kelly – Lines 89-98
Christina Granada – Lines 99-117
Dieter Portanda – Lines 118 – 131
Jorge Nieves – Lines 132 – 143

Patricia Barros: Lines 164 – 170
Maluhia King: Lines 171 – 180 
Tita Moraiti: Lines 181 – 189

Sorita d’EsteHymn to Hekate and Janus 

 Tita MoraitiA Playlist for Meditation with the World Soul

List of articles: (will be updated throughout Feb. 2018).

Cyndi Brannen:  Midwinter – Honoring Hekate with a Sunrise Ritual. The Audio of the Ritual.

Melissa Farruggio McNair:  1)  Hekate as Cosmic World Soul. An introduction to the project  with excerpts from the Chaldean Oracles .
2)  An Article about Purification and Cleansing according the Oracles by Melissa.
3) Hekate Phospohoros.

Rabenzahl: Marcel is creating and documenting the creation of a Hekataion as his contribution to this project – 1)learn more about it Here.
2) The Oracles of Creativity.
3) Preparation.
4) Clay Day One.

Renee Olson: Hecate –  The Cosmic World Soul. Hekate’s Role in the Oracles.

Sorita d’Este: Hekate, Zeus and Janus.  A little introduction to Janus. Read the text, which includes a recording of Sorita reading the Hymn to Hekate and Janus, by Proclus, at: Pagan Patheos.

Quotes and Dedications for Inspiritation

~*~  “The hypercosmic gods are utterly transcendent and closest in activity to the noetic realm. Sallustius divides them into three orders. Unfortunately he does not list the members of the orders, saying they are found in other treatises. He does say some create essence, some intelligence, and some souls. This is somewhat similar to Proclus’ four orders: creative, life-making, elevating, and immaculate. Proclus does name these gods in relation to the above categorization: Zeus, within whom are assumed Poseidon and Pluto; Kore, within whom are Artemis, who is equated with Hekate, Persephone, and Athena; Apollo, who is equated with Helios; and the Corybantes. These invisible gods are the ultimate source of liberation from the phenomenal realm for the descended soul. However, because of their position, they are all but unknowable by the soul. Discursive reasoning, the rational soul’s main mode of thinking, cannot grasp these transcendent beings. They are accessible only through gnosis via the liberated gods. This gnosis is like the knowing of the gods: complete and immediate.” From the book Living Theurgy, byJeffrey S. Kupperman


“The virtue of Faith, pistis, which has nothing to do with blind belief, is associated with the sub-lunar Demiurge. In the Oracles, this is represented by Hekate, Hades, and possibly Dionysos. Faith is represented by the rays of the visible sun in Iamblichean theology, and the crucified Christ in Christianity. Proclus sees it as the sole theurgic power through which union with the One occurs. Together, the Demiurges are the “Teletarchs of the mysteries,” and are engaged in the most important parts of theurgic rites.” From Living Theurgy by Jeffrey S. Kupperman

A contribution to the #hekateworldsoul project, February 2018. by Sorita D’Este

Photography & Art

Cece Pitts Henderson: Photo: Kleidoukhos Kaleidoscope.
Hecate Crossroads Tarot Spread.

Galena Poulos The Cosmic Soul (drawing)

Jorge Nieves: Hekate

Sorita D’EsteThe Mother of the Gods (photo)

Crisantemo Saga HaroHecate World Soul (painting)

Altar for a Deipnon, by Hekatos

Altar for a Deipnon, by Hekatos