Invocation – Spring Equinox

[Created by Carmen Munoz, Priestess Thea, Hazel,  Mabh Savage, Nidge Kendrick and Sarah Burns for the CoH, 2013]

Spring Equinox Invocation

Hail Hekate, Lightbearing Goddess of the Crossroads                                                                        Hail Hekate Kourotrophos                                                                                                                       The returning Light strengthens and guides us, as does the Light of Your Torches!                        As the darkness fades, we honour your Light that brings fertility to the earth                              And that which is within our souls.                                                                                                           As night and day find their balance lead us so we may also find inner balance and peace.          Always standing at the crossroads, the ultimate point of balance; each choice drawing us closer To your light, just as the earth now draws nearer the sun.                                                                This increasing Light and warmth of the Sun…like your torches                                                     Gives us comfort and guides us on the myriad paths we tread.                                                  Hekate Kourotrophos, as the spring sun nurtures the tender, newly-sprouted seeds,                     So you care for us and protect us as we set out on these new journeys.                                        Hail Hekate!