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Askei Kataskei is an e-zine produced by volunteer members of the Covenant of Hekate as an act of devotion to Our Lady of the Crossroads. Each issue is a community project that contains a diverse range of essays, reviews, rituals, recipes and devotional art. It is primarily created by members of the covenant for members but is also available to the general public.


The Askei Kataskei eZine is primarily focussed on the Goddess Hekate and the activities and work of the Covenant of Hekate members. Our members are unique individuals from a variety of religious faiths and spiritualities the world over, each with their own stories to tell and experiences to share. What our readers and contributors all have in common is a shared passion for the history, mysteries and magic of the Goddess Hekate, who is viewed within the Covenant as the Cosmic World Soul.


Members and non-members of the CoH are invited to submit material for inclusion.

Submissions should always related to the Goddess Hekate, and can relate to history, practice, experience, magic, theurgy or devotion.  Examples of what the editor is looking for are:

  1. Historic Articles/Research
  2. Poetry, Hymns and Creative Writing
  3. Recipes for incense, food and oils etc
  4. Experiential essays/Personal accounts
  5. Reviews of books, gatherings and events etc
  6. Photography – Shrines, rituals and events etc
  7. Artwork – Drawings, paintings, prints etc
  8. Copy for Classifieds (300 words max)
  9. Readers comments (500 words max)

Please keep articles and essays 2000 words max – if your article is longer than this, please consider splitting it into “chapters” that can be spread across multiple editions of the magazine.

And on all submissions – please SPELLCHECK and proofread your work before submitting.

All submissions should be the original work of the author/artist.

Submissions by email to:

We are Windows-based and prefer Open Office or Word files attached to your email and images in high-resolution jpeg format. Written manuscripts should contain the author’s name, pen name, location and a 80-120 word ‘author bio’. Note that the biography will only included if space permits, but you will always be credited for your work.

Words counts are supplied as a guideline and whilst we are aware that you have worked hard on your writing, that it is personal and special to you containing your unique voice, it may be necessary to edit for length, clarity and grammar, sometimes at the last minute before publication. Therefore we cannot guarantee that your article will appear precisely as you submitted it. Also please inform us of deliberate uses of non-traditional spelling so the tone of your work will not be accidentally altered.

And whilst we do not wish to detract from a person’s experiences and knowledge we want to encourage contributors to think about the content of their work and their responsibility in sharing it. If you write on the history and nature of the Goddess, please support claims with references and if you are writing based on your own personal experience, make sure that you clarify that you are writing from experience.

Above all, please do not limit yourself because you aren’t a “professional” writer or artist – ours is a community with much experience, and we all benefit from that experience being shared!

If there are any questions that these guidelines do not answer, please feel free to comment or e-mail us for more information. We want this publication to be a rich and vibrant tapestry illustrating the many facets of the Goddess Hekate, a place to share, learn and to pool together our energies and resources – a further living testament to the devotion and love we feel for Hekate!

Please note: By contributing you give the Covenant of Hekate permission to use your material in our eZine and on our website. All contributions will be credited and remain copyright to the individual contributor. Also please note that your contribution will be visible both to members and non-members (the eZine will be made available to visitors on our website, so please keep this in mind when sending in your contribution(s). If for any reason you do not want your true name to be published alongside any of your contributions, please supply a pen name/alias you wish to be published under.