Noumenia News


Noumenia News is the official monthly newsletter of the Covenant of Hekate. Each month we will bring you updates from our Sanctuaries around the world as well as creative offerings from our members. We will provide information on new members and work to create to bridge between our online and offline devotions. Sign up for Noumenia News by clicking here.

Noumenia News – The Covenant of Hekate Monthly Newsletter


Contributions Invited

Members of the Covenant of Hekate are invited to submit news, short articles, photographs, devotional hymns, original rituals, events listings, reviews and artwork to Noumenia News.  This is a wonderful way to share your work and news with other members, as well as others interested in the Goddess Hekate.

Deadline: 21st of the Month


From 2018 Noumenia News is now also published here on our website. This allows both members and non-members to access archived newsletters with ease.  The newsletter is also emailed to all members.  Pre-2018 archives are available on request to members-only.

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