Hosting a Group

Since 2010 when the Rite of Her Sacred Fires was first celebrated some people gathered together in groups in celebration of the Goddess Hekate, and to share in the unity between devotees at this unique celebration.  The majority of people who participate each year do so solo, or with one or two close friends – but there are some who are involved with larger communities, or who simply wish to use this as an opportunity to create something for their local community.

Here you will find some guidelines if you wish to organise a group gathering as part of this international celebration of the magic and mysteries of the Torchbearing Maiden Goddess of the Mysteries, Hekate.

  1. You do not need permission!
  2. We ask that if your celebration is open to the public, that you share information / an events link on the FB group,
  3. We ask that you keep the gathering non-commercial. You may ask for contributions towards the cost of hosting an event (room hire, etc).
  4. The ritual is specific to the Goddess Hekate, and as such the gathering should be focused on Hekate. This website has many free resources you can use to learn more about her – and you are encouraged to pass the knowledge on.
  5. The ritual is available in around 30 different translations.  One of the things that makes this celebration special is that people from around the world are celebrating Hekate, using the same words under the same full moon.  It is something that unites us!  You are encouraged to keep the original ritual “as is” – and to add to the start and end.  An example adaptation for a group gathering can be found below.
  6. You will find lots of additional resources in the Rite of Her Sacred Fires section of this website.  Also see the facebook group and search for the Rite on other social media websites.

If you are attending a group ceremony for the Rite of Her Sacred Fires, please read the information we created for members of the CoH attending their first Sanctuary meeting. Take care, enjoy and keep safe!


Sanctuary of Hekate Amaimaketon Basilian- Opening ceremony 2016

Sanctuary of Hekate Amaimaketon Basilian