Creating an Altar

With thanks to Andrea Angelos (London, UK) for preparing this guide for those participating in the Rite of Her Sacred Fires who are just starting out on their path. This guide was prepared in 2014 and originally shared on the FB group for the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. 

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires requires an altar to be set up. The minimum requirements are a candle or other devotional fire such as a lamp or hearth fire and something to light it.

Some people simply light a candle. Others use an existing altar to Hekate and others create one especially for this Rite.

Here is one example of a suitable altar with photos are to show complete beginners how to set it up.

Table which has just been cleaned then purified with incense.

An image of Hekate (in this case one which symbolises her Angelos title). Her Soteira title is the most relevant to this rite but any Hekate image may be used if you wish to use one. Two candle holders also cleaned and purified by incense. They will hold the candles which will give light to read the rite.

Placing two red candles.

Melt the wax on the bottom a little so the candle wax sets inside candleholder so it is steady and safe.

Candles now safely in place and the copper bowl is to place the charcoal disk to burn incense as an offering. It contains some ash to insulate the heat of the charcoal disk.

Rock salt to represent the element of Earth.

Larger silver bowl contains spring water to represent that element on the altar.

The altar now complete except for the central candle which you will light for Hekate. Fire and air are of course already present in the fire from the candles and the incense which will be lit. The red cord is from the Devotee ritual of that name for those Covenant of Hekate members who have completed it before.