RoHSF – Helpful Links

This page contains a number of important links to help you connect with others and access further resources for the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. Please note that the Rite of Her Sacred Fires, like that Covenant of Hekate are devotional projects which are non-commercial in nature. No-one is paid for their work and other than needing something to light (a candle) and something to light it with (matches / lighter) no special tools or equipment is necessary to join in.

NOTE: In some countries / regions public community celebrations are organised each year for individuals to celebrate the Goddess Hekate together with the Rite of Her Sacred Fires (and often more elaborate local celebrations). For such celebrations organisers might ask for a donation or fee to cover the costs of venues and other costs incurred to host such an event.

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires (Facebook Group, resource for finding out about local group rituals):

The Covenant of Hekate Network (Facebook Page):

The Covenant of Hekate (YouTube Channel):

Sorita d’Este (YouTube, examples of the Rite and many clips about Hekate):

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