The Covenant of Hekate

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The Covenant of Hekate is an international community of devotees who honour the Goddess Hekate, in all her many forms, by all her many faces and guises.  We come from many different cultures and traditions, but we share an understanding of Hekate as the “Soteira” and “Axis Mundi” as a common and mutual ground for exploring her.

The Covenant of Hekate IS NOT a magical or spiritual tradition, instead we are a community united by our passion for the Goddess Hekate, in her many forms, faces and manifestations in the 21st century.

We are run by volunteers who make all our activities, including the website, Noumenia News and other activities possible.  Membership of the CoH is free and members are never asked for financial contributions. 

With our foundations solidly built on an understanding of, and appreciation for, the rich and diverse history of this Goddess, we reach out into the world following her light through the centuries in the modern day and beyond. Find out more about the Covenant of Hekate. 

The Covenant of Hekate was born, in part, out of the Rite of Her Sacred Fires.  Find out more about it – Rite of Her Sacred Fires.  Join the Facebook discussion group, share photos and experience Facebook Rite of Her Sacred Fires
See the Rite in translation Rite of Her Sacred Fires > In translation