The Covenant of Hekate (CoH) was born out of the desire to create a community and centre of study for those who share a passion for the history, mysteries and magic of the Goddess Hekate. This was dramatically demonstrated on 27th May 2010 when thousands of people worldwide performed the Rite of Her Sacred Fires ritual created by Sorita d’Este in a unique act of devotion to the goddess Hekate.


Within the CoH we view the Goddess Hekate as the Cosmic World Soul.

Hekate is a liminal goddess who often expresses herself through Triplicities of form and power, such as her three bodies facing three ways, her control over land/sea/sky, birth/initiation/death and divination/dreams/oracles.  We believe that she is a natural force whose power extends through all realms and whose formless fire illuminates the path of the universal mysteries, where she is both our guide and initiator.

Within the CoH we explore the Mysticism and Magic of the goddess Hekate through the practice of theurgy (‘divine-working’) to achieve henosis (union with the divine), through contemplation, experience, intuition, divination, meditation and ritual within the realms of the Western Esoteric Traditions. The CoH is rooted in firm foundations of knowledge and practice from the traditions of the ancient world which honoured Hekate.  This knowledge and practices form the basis of the modern manifestation of Hekate’s worship in ways relevant to this age and accessible to all who seek her mysteries.  The torchbearers of the CoH are individuals from around the world who through their actions and studies are shining the light of Hekate’s torches and expressing the spirit of the ancient mysteries.