A.3. – Community Spaces

Members work together towards the goals of the Covenant of Hekate through communal learning, creative projects, shared ritual and devotional work, sharing ideas and research and gathering in a variety of “spaces”.

This list is constantly changing, as new projects are born!

Our website: www.hekatecovenant.com 
Here we share with each other, and with others interested in the Goddess Hekate, some of our research and creative projects.  The website also hosts information, including translations, of the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. 

Facebook: Various
We have multiple pages and groups on Facebook.  Members are invited to join a secret / members-only Facebook group once their membership has been confirmed.  There is also an additional group for Spanish speaking members, and we use groups for Creative Projects (including hymn and ritual writing).

We host a “Covenant of Hekate Network” page which is administered by members. We are also present on other social media.

Skype: Social Coffee & Discussion Groups
Members are invited to join in occasional Skype Coffee meetups where they can hang out with other members and get to know one another.  This helps to bridge the distance between members.  Some Skype meetings are for discussions on particular topics, allowing members to broaden their understanding of a subject and to share their own experiences/understanding of the subject with others.

Sanctuaries: Various
Some of the Covenant of Hekate Torchbearers facilitate a Sanctuary for others interested in Hekate. Sanctuaries can have a physical space, or be virtual online spaces.  Their purpose is to allow for different forms of devotion, practice and learning guided by the Torchbearers. List of Sanctuaries.