A.7.- Request for Mediation

Request for Mediation

The Covenant of Hekate is a growing community within which members have many different beliefs and practices, and come from varied traditions. As a community we have guidelines in place which all members agree to when they join, and when disagreements arise they can usually be resolved privately, and in the spirit of co-operation and kinship, by using the guidelines as a measure.  However, occasionally difficulties may arise between members which may be a cause for concern, and for this reason we developed and put in place this complaints procedure.

 For General Assistance, Requests for Mediation and Complaints, or to report a problem with member(s) or activity(s) of the Covenant of Hekate, contact:

If you are considering making a complaint about a person or activity, please first review our membership guidelines to ensure that:

1. the subject of your complaint has violated one or more of the guidelines,

2. the complaint in question refers to:
• a CoH approved activity
• has occurred during an approved CoH activity
• occurred in a physical CoH sanctuary
• occurred in a CoH related online space

3. AND your complaint is also consistent with the principles outlined in the membership guidelines.

The Process is as follows:
First Step: Acknowledgment
Your complaint will be acknowledged and dealt with following the steps below.
Second Step: Review
A panel of Torchbearers will review the complaint and investigate all allegations.
Third Step: Actions
The panel will, where appropriate, assign people to deal with any outcomes to the investigation including communication, and or actions which result.
Fourth Step: Closing
The panel will ensure that any resolution is documented and the report and all related materials are archived. Final communication with the complainant will occur.

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