Anamar Zúñiga Osorio, Viña del Mar, Chile.

Anamar Zúñiga Osorio,
Viña del Mar, Chile.

Art therapist and tarotist. Practising Eclectic Wicca and Feminine Spirituality, and a Silva Method Instructor. Devoted to and following Hekate since 2011, Anamar founded the first Goddess Devotees Group in her region which is an active and growing group.

She organises and carries out private and public rituals, celebrations, workshops and talks, and takes part in the pagan movement at V Valparaiso Region, Chile. Anamar is currently a student of the Priesthood of the Sea in the Water Temple managed by the CoH Torchbearer Ness Bosch.

Contact: Facebook: Anamar Zúñiga Osorio

Facebook Group. Devoción Hékate, Chile

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