Andrea Angelos, London, UK 

I live in London, where I run the Sanctuary of Hekate Magna. More details of the sanctuary and its activities may be found on our blog below. I have a Hekate shrine in Chile, which is under the guardianship of Myriam Reyes Pena, where we celebrate an annual ceremony in Her honour in the summer, usually January or February.

I have been a devotee of Hekate for about 8 years, in conjunction with a life-time dedication to Artemis of Ephesus. I am an initiate of Alexandrian Craft. I also practise Candomble, my cult is specific to Yemanya, Goddess of the Seas, and to Ogun, God of war, warriors and iron. I have a deep love for the Cigana spirits as well. You may read some of my work in the anthologies From a Drop of Water (Avalonia Books), Priestesses, Sybils and Pythonesses (Avalonia Books), and Hekate Her Sacred Fires. I have trained with indigenous healers and wise women and men of my country, as well as with curanderas and brujas in Mexico and Colombia.

Most of my work is centered around creating devotional and magickal spaces for personal and group work. Thus I helped to begin a Temple to Hekate in Madrid and spent six months in the lovely city of Granada where I established a devotional space to Hekate and teaching courses in psychism, magick and oracles. Part of that work “Following Her Moons” was my contribution to Her Sacred Fires, the devotional anthology to Hekate published in 2010.

My main areas of research are the Graeco-Iberian temples and also Hekate’s power over the five elements. My interest in Graeco-Iberian temples arose from a year spent in Spain when Hekate directed me to a certain area in Murcia. Research has led me to spend more time in Greece and also in Spain, where I teach through my Iseum Templo de Isis.

I may be contacted personally either through Facebook or at

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