Connia Silver, Sonoran Desert, USA

Devotional Rites 2010 - Sorita D'Este

Warm greetings!

Although I consider Hekate to be my one of my Matron Goddesses, I do honour others as well. My areas of interest include guiding others in developing a relationship with their own personal God/dess, and sacred dreamwork – both interpretive and lucid.  Since the early 90′s I have taught various intuitive and Goddess mysteries through my home-study schools: In Her Name/Temple of Learning and the Crossroads Lyceum. I have contributed to two anthologies edited by Sorita d’Este –  “Priestesses, Pythonesses, Sibyls” and “Hekate, Her Sacred Fires.”

I also feel a deep connection with the Earth Mother, the beings and history of the Sonoran Desert, where I live with my husband and companion animals, putting organic and sustainable living into practice whenever possible. I welcome you to contact me at any time.


Covenant of Hekate Torchbearers: