Palladia Soria, Athens, Greece

I was born in Spain, in Granada but since I was 18 I have lived in many different places: Vigo, Madrid, London… Part of my father’s family comes from Greece and I have always been in love with the Land of the Gods, so two years ago I moved to Athens where I work as a tour guide and study classical and modern Greek. I am married with a priestess who is a member of the Covenant of Hekate too and I am the mother of a fantastic boy who is 7 years old.

My spiritual journey began 15 years ago and like many other pagans Wicca was my first stop. But my first trip to Greece was the beginning of a great transformation in my life and guided me to Hellenismos. I also practice Magic and Theurgy and I consider myself an eternal student who loves writing and reading books.

I have had the opportunity to be the Guardian of the altar of Hekate’s Temple in Madrid for four precious years. This altar was created in a ritual provided by Andrea Salgado six years ago as part of her contribution to the book “Her Sacred Fires”. I am a founding member of the Hellenic Community Panolympia in Spain and I continue to work for it translating and creating articles that provide information for Spanish speakers devotees of the Greek gods. Since I arrived in Athens I celebrate the New Moon with a ritual that is open to people who want to share the blessings of the “Ekatia deipna” at our table. I have facilitated the ritual of “Her Sacred Fires” both here and in Madrid, for devotees of Hekate. My intention is to open a sanctuary for Her in few months to worship the Goddess and to honour her like a part of the Eleusinian Mysteries and her bonds with Demeter, Persephone and Artemis.

I have a special connection with stones, not just for healing therapies however. I am a student of the tarot and have been a reader for many years. I have a lot of experience in divination and oracle arts.

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In the light of Her torches. Always.

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