Florian Schlie, Lower Saxony, Germany

Hekate Shrine - Florian Schlie

Hekate Shrine – Florian Schlie

I have been a devotee of Hekate for many years entering my life in when I began to get a deeper interest in magic, witchcraft and ancient religions as a teenager. Since then She was there to guide me on all the paths and crossroads in my life. I am a practising witch influenced by HedgeWitchcraft, Traditional Witchcraft, Folk Magic and I am inspired by the religion and magical practices of Ancient Greece and Rome as well. I try to get inspirations for my modern spirituality and magic from the religion and practices from the past.

I am myself more on the crossroads where different spiritual and magical paths meet each other rather than on one single path itself.

I work as a nurse and live with my cats, dogs, toads and snakes in a village in Germany. For some years I have organised open rites for the Goddess Hekate in my home and at a local crossroad where I care for a crossroads shrine. As Torchbearer I want to help people to connect with Hekate and to experience the mysteries of this ancient Goddess in the modern world.

You can contact me through my homepages: www.hexen-kunst.net www.hekate-tempel.net  and (in English) www.archetiypicalwitchcraft.wordpress.com

Florian is the Membership administrator for all German language applications.

Covenant of Hekate Torchbearers: