Larry Phillips, USA

RoHSF 2013 - Larry Phillips
RoHSF 2013 – Larry Phillips

I’ve been pursuing some version of the occult arts since I was in my teens, when I first became aware of Hekate through a compilation of witchcraft fiction called Hekate’s Cauldron and also through a TV movie called “Midnight Offerings”.

Since that time Her name stuck with me. Through my teens I began a solitary study and practice of Wicca and eventually was trained and initiated within the NorthWind Tradition of Wicca (founded by Grey Cat) where I was eventually elevated to the Third degree during the 1990s. After working in covens for a number of years, I returned to solitary practice and study focusing on non-Wiccan, traditional witchcraft which I continue to pursue to this day. Along with my traditional witchcraft practice, I am an initiate of the Ordo Aurum Solis, a Hermetic and Theurgic Order following the Ogdoadic tradition. It is through my work with the Aurum Solis that I encountered Hekate in an entirely new way; Her role in theurgy as expressed in the Chaldean Oracles and in the writings of Porphyry and Proclus.

As an artist I have also focused much of my work on creating images of Hekate in oils and will continue to do more as She continues to speak to me. These paintings which are intended as devotional images for meditative, ritual work and prints will soon be made available.


Covenant of Hekate Torchbearers: