L.J. Tang, Chile

L.J. Tang is an occultist, writer, practitioner and theoreticist of Ceremonial Magic and European Traditional Witchcraft living in Chile, South America.

His writings have been published in anthologies as Visions of the Night Side by The Temple of the Ascending Flame, and Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra; and in the renowned British Magazine of paganism and witchcraft The Cauldron as well. His work is based heavily in Ceremonial Magic, Qabalah and Traditional Witchcraft. His attempts with High Magic started at a young age with impromptu incursions in the traditional grimoires and much known practices of Ceremonial Magic.

As there is no formal occult community in Venezuela yet, his efforts are focused on contributing and bringing to his country knowledge on the Western Mystery Tradition. As a practitioner of the Primal Craft Current, he has dedicated his work to the exaltation of Hecate and the selective diffusion of the Arte Magice.

It was through this love for the Witch Queen that he decided to support the Covenant of Hecate in order to help sincere Seekers in their quest of Her.

High Altar - Frater G.S.
High Altar – L.J.Tang

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