Renee Sosanna Olson, North Carolina, USA

Sosanna is a reader and an intuitive living in rural North Carolina. She makes her home on the banks of the Neuse River with her partner of 19 years and their fur babies. She works with several divination tools but prefers photo and body readings. She has a strong connection to working with the beloved dead and conducts rituals to welcome them when the veil is thinnest. She joined the Covenant of Hekate in 2012 with the completion of the right of the red cord and delved into learning all she could about the goddess. She advanced to Torchbearer by 2014 and then joined the ranks as one of the first Keybearers in 2018. She strives to continually grow within her spiritual path and currently considers herself a Buddhist Hecatean. She looks to incorporate the five virtues into her daily life.

She can be found online working her magic at: