Tinnekke Bebout, United States

Devotional Rites 2010 - Sorita D'Este

I am an ordained minister and founder of Our Lady of the Waters Temple, a Sanctuary devoted to Hekate Einalian. My roots are in feminist witchcraft and that is where The Boss, as I lovingly call Hekate, found me. The Mystai of the Moon (the priestess school branch of the Temple) was founded in 2008 as a feminist witchcraft circle devoted to the pursuit of the Lunar Mysteries. Our work with those Mysteries brought Hekate into my life and I have never looked back since the night She first showed up to let me know She required my Service. It was that work that also led me to Sorita and to contributing to Hekate Her Sacred Fires. I have been a member of CoH pretty much since the beginning, and I have had the honour of being a Torchbearer since 2013 as well as a Keybearer.

2015 has seen the culmination of my heart’s work The Hekate Tarot, a devotional project which I co-created with a Sister Priestess in the Mystai. This deck is entirely focused upon the symbols and epithets of Hekate. I am also the author of The Dance of the Mystai which was first published in 2009. My next projects are The Feminist Intuitive Tarot and Upon a Moonlit Path, a new book which seized me recently and refuses to let go. It is about the modern devotees of Hekate and how the modern practices of working with Hekate have grown and evolved.

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