Devotees on: How is the Goddess Hekate Still Relevant to Devotees in the 21st Century?

Devotees were asked how relevant they feel Hekate is today:

“Hekate is a Goddess of/for the 21 st century, because she is honored by more and more people again today. She is weaved into many modern religious, magical and spiritual paths, ways and traditions (and that was the same in Antiquity), she brings people of different pathways of traditions together in her modern „cult“ or worship.
Hekate is a Goddess of the mysteries. I think in many modern popular religions the sense of mystery and the personal experience of the divine is missing. And Hekate is strongly connected to the personal experience of her divinity and she is a mediator between the human world and the divine realms. She is the guide through the mysteries of life and so she can help us humans, to get into touch again with the divine inside of our being, with the divine that fills nature around us and the divinity of the gods and goddesses (and of herself). In late Antiquity Hekate was seen as a great Goddess, out of her womb the world(s) were born, she was the ensouler of the cosmos and the nature sprang from her and was seen as her living mantle.
Through her we can experience that the world is filled with beauty, that the world is sacred and divine- and that we ourselves are filled by this divinity, too. And now in the 21 century, where pollution is destroying nature more and more- it will be a challenge to see the world again as sacred, divine and as the living embodiment of a Goddess. We are standing on a crossroad, things have to change- and Hekate is (and always was) throning on the crossroads with her illuminating light.” (Florian Schlie, Germany)

“We live in a time of rapid change, some of it painful and frightening. Globalisation has taken jobs away from some places and moved them to others, pressures on families all over the world have increased, food has become politics, the world population is exploding, pollution and global warming are daily realities, as we realise how dependent we are on our earth, Ge. In such circumstances, a goddess who vibrates at the highest level, that of world soul, permeating all things and beings in our universe, is a ‘global’ deity, one beyond the debates of religions. Hekate’s liminality helps us live more comfortably through the in-between stages of change. Hekate’s torches illuminate our way in uncertain times and along uncertain pathways, and She guides us, while protecting us, when we call upon those sides of Her. She also makes us stronger, in order to meet the challenges we face.” (Sophia Kirke, Spain/UK).

“Hekate is complicated and her story has travelled millennia and yet still evokes powerful and primal responses. Embracing her mystery and striving to understand her can lead to respect, dedication and a better understanding of the self. With so many people fed up with structure religion and searching for answers, many fall to the pagan path and of course, this is where you find the Goddess Hekate. The quest for knowledge expands as does the relevancy of her mysteries.” Tracy (Canada)

“Because despite all the ongoing changes, Hekate always moves with the changing times, yet sill holds dear her mysteries and her long and ancient history. She does indeed get stronger and is quite capable of keeping up with her devotees as they to grow and change. she is and always will be all inspiring. ” (Doriel Townsend)

“Hekate is as important today because She lights the way through this life of rapid change and many uncertainties, She alone can see the past, the present and the future and when allowed to will guide us competently in the ways that are right for us.” (Karen, UK)

“How could Hekate not still be relevant? With us from birth through death, Creatrix, She protects us on our path, empowers us to speak with Her voice against injustice, and promises to be our Guide through this life and into the next one. She does not fear evil, evil should fear Her. She is Goddess, Lady of a Thousand names, Mother of us all.” (Candace, New York, USA)

“Throughout Her vast history, Hekate has managed to continually evolve and expand to incorporate a wide ranging “sphere of influence”, even at times when She has been  misrepresented and demonised. Because of this, She clearly shows Her power and relevancy into the modern era. She is a teacher and guide to a world that may be “modern” in some people’s eyes but in which many of us are returning to older ways and paths; learning from the past and working toward a hopefully better future. Devotees still feel the need to call upon Deity for help, protection, healing, inspiration, guidance, justice, love and so much more and Hekate, very easily and poignantly, encompasses all that and so much more.” (Kenn Payne, UK)

“She is still relevant because she will often work one to one with those that honour her. She has helped me when I needed it and if you read the general comments from COH members there seem to me to be many one to one experiances. And now she is growing again in the hearts of people it shows that she will endure.” (Jim, UK)