Hymn to Hekate and Dionysos

[Collaborative work created by Dorn Simon, Kenn Payne and Shay Skepevski for the CoH, February 2014]

Hymn to Hekate and Dionysos

Divine duality in deity, Hekate and Dionysus, we honour thee
Great Hekate Brimo and Dionysus Bromios, come to us
The Flames of Hekate’s torches dance as the frenzied Maenads of divine Dionysus
May we be set free to dance, sing and invoke thee.

You guide us through our darkness, with torches and the midnight sun
You uplift us from the nethers to help us become one, to find our inner sun
As psychopomp you will be there to guide our souls yet help us be reborn
Through darkness and death, we need not fear nor be forlorn

As seeds to our eternity, you both disperse life
Through pine coned staff and roots divine
Through milk and honey and home-made wine

Your feasts in offering, we give our thanks
A Deipnon devoured, we leave our plates
At a crossroads or outside our door
To show Hekate Dionysos our devotion forever more

As Dionysus we take our roles in your elaborate dramas
As Roman Bacchus we are induced to Bakkheia.

With arms to starry heaven outstretched
Mad as a Maenad, bare face, foot and breast
Ecstatic and step frenzied before flame
Souls unite in the calling of your name

Lo Eleutherious, liberate our mind!
Bromios, roaring, our spirits imbibe!
Io Iacchus, child divine!
Evoe Lyaeus, my worries untie!
Rapture and Bakkeia bliss is your wine!

Wine libated within and without
Brimo & Bromios we welcome with a shout
Life is Death and so reversed
Deep lessons taught, expansion learned