Hymn to Hekate Angelos

[Collaborative work created by Lotus, Aradia Moon, Debby Flavell and Anna Marie for the CoH, October 2014]

Hekate Angelos,
Deity of the underworld,
And messenger between worlds.
Great Goddess, guide of souls,
Send to me your angels and the light from your torches,
Share with me your illumination within the darkness.

Lady, I step through the veil to find you.
I yearn to gaze upon your brow,
Adorned with moon and star.
I long to feel your warm embrace,
I am not yet dead, will you soothe me,
As you do the restless?
Do you stand in the shadow and shade,
To judge me fitting or not?
Angelos send forth your radiant beings!
To protect me from myself,
Light Giving One hold me safe,
To your tender heart.

Hekate Angelos,
Companion in the mysteries,
Open my mind,
Your radiance before me,
Your mantle behind me,
And your fire within me.

Mercy is She
Who hears the cries of Her children.
The remaining ember of hope,
Seeded within an anguished breast.
By Her light is your core exposed,
A royal heart spirited
Upon Her wings of justice.