Hymn to Hekate Brimo

[Collaborative work created by Draco of the Dragonstar, Madelaine Benitez (LaMadduk), Asteri         Koraki, Aradia Moon, Anna Marie and Debby Flavell for the CoH, March 2015]

With mothers eyes that turn to rage,
Immortal anger is now displayed,
Screams of pain now un-caged,
The truth now strikes like a venomous blade.
Words now heard through the pain,
The clarity of truth revealed,
Deceptions released and falsehoods slain,
From harshest words I am now healed.
Her temper fades like incense smoke,
Her eyes become soft and kind,
She tempers her wisdom with a joke,
But without her rage I would remain blind.
For thee, beloved Hekate,
There are no limits
Descend to me…
Descend to me…
Descend to me while the Scorpion Moon shines upon thy saffron feet.

Oh Angry One…
Be my witness and my guide,
In the depths of the soul,
From the gardens of Mother Earth
To her fiery core.

Oh, Daughter of Asteria,
I’m praying to be reborn
For to descend and to arise
One should always have you by their side.
Mother Brimo I call to thee.

You of righteous anger

Harness the rage inside of me

Let me hold my pain no longer

Injustice runs rampant in the world I see

Right the wrongs, with burning truth, cleanse me, shape me, teach me,

Show me I have no need to fear you

(With your fists, pound the ground each time you growl Her name, increasing in volume and elongating the third reciting of name on each line that follows)

Let the fires of justice burn within me!

Cleanse me of my apathy!

Help me to fight for those in need!

Purify my soul! Protect me!

Ancient mother, terrifying Queen,
Mother Brimo, come to me!

Hail Brimo
Pitiless Queen,
I honour your fair dealings,
And appeal to your Just nature.
May your fearful gaze fix upon
Those who adorn injustices
With piety and honeyed words.
May oppressors bear
The weight of your Righteousness.
O Mighty Titan,
Who’s golden feet
Shakes the world asunder,
You who uphold virtues,
Let not their prostrate bodies
Offend your ravaged Earth,
But be swallowed into your gaping silence.

The salt of my tears bears her name
The fire of my loins intones odes in her honor.
Brimo Hekate!
Who when madness and death surrounded my spirit
Hard step is opened from my own precipice.
Hail who purifies through the pain!
Hail at which strengthens and enlivens!
Justice implacable unknown to vile humanity!
And yet her silent vigil around your children!
Hekate Brimo Hail!
Not afraid to be sweet or lose my innocence
That society does not judge me
Only your valid
My righteousness rectitude and honor.

Mighty Brimo be my guide.
Take me through the flames of the forge
Fanned by your angry breath.
Let me visit the underworld that lives within my soul
For you alone can bring me back unscathed.
I hear the roar of your fury unleashed
Like molten lava of a bellicose volcano.
Let me visit the land of the dead
So I know that I am alive.
Foolish are those who think they can deceive you
For no-one can hide from your scorching eyes.
Your vengeance is just.
Vengeance is karma for the cruel
For they will face your wrath.
No mercy for the merciless!
Mighty Brimo you are my saviour.