Hymn to Hekate Kleidouchos

[Collaborative work created by Anna Marie, Mabh Savage, Robert Podmore and Debby Flavell for the CoH, August 2014]

I am the Key dancing to your rhythms
Anchored to your centre,
Yours is the hand that guides me,
Knowing your instruments well,
In your keeping are my potentialities and strengths,
Your light illuminating my light,
You are the guardian that keeps my Shadows at bay,
Blade and Scourge in hand.

Hekate Kleidouchos,

Her keys are subtle, but easy to see
Not what I thought they would be
They come in every shape and size
A person, a place, or a poem wise
A flickering Flame, a running hare
My eyes are open, in wonder I stare
An owl in flight, a rainbow bright
The rising moon on a wintery night
An unfurling leaf, a pebbly beach
All there and within my reach
Her keys turn slowly in my soul
Light flows in and I become whole

Stood at the door, paused at the threshold
I want to push forward, I want to be bold
The lock is a void, a darkness so pure
A clear voice tells me I have to be sure
My eyes open, then open again
Twin fires are burning; heat with no pain.
A twist in my palm, a beautiful key
Unlocking each layer inside of me.
It slips in the lock, turns like the world
Door opens like eyes and the soul is unfurled.

Key to my Heart, Key to my soul,
Your love has no bounds, you make me whole.
Your knowledge, your strength is mine to unlock
It is not a race there’s no beating the clock.
Your torches light the path for me to follow,
I walk ever forward towards tomorrow.
Your guidance your patience your protection you grant me
Great mistress of the Air, Land and Sea.
As my feet step one after the other and I reach the next gate
You are waiting for me to allow me to pass through,
Lady of the keys, un locker of the locks you who opens the door.
I honour you my sacred mother.