Hymn to Hekate Phosphoros

[Collaborative work created by Lotus, Aradia Moon, Debby Flavell, Hester Aira, Anna Marie and Johnny Marcus for the CoH, November 2014]

When the dark hour
Falls on me,
Hecate Phosphorus,
Come to me!

Listen Mother
To the calls of your sons and your daughters!

Oh beloved Mother of our souls,
May the flame of your torch,
Be the light to shine along the path
Which leads us into your mysteries.

Hekate, enlighten this path,
As I wander through the woods,
Searching the shadows and shade for truth.

Within the shade cower fragments of souls.
Dark are the shadows that feed them fear and despair,
Offered on a poisoned spoon.

One moonlit night, scattered by the Lady’s hand,
Gleaming particles of light,
Devour the shadows and despairing spoon.

Cowering fragments cower no more!

Awaken to the One who Illuminates,
Her fortifying rays offer sustenance.
Unfurl and blossom within,
The Fiery heart of Phosphorous.

Devotional Rites 2010 - Sorita D'Este

Devotional Rites 2010 – Sorita D’Este