Hymn to Her Sacred Fires

[Collaborative work created by Candace LaRue, Doriel Townend, Anna Marie, L.J. Tang, DCL, and Katerina Dogiama-Azeri for the CoH, May 2014]

Hymn to Her Sacred Fires

The wind blows,
And the dogs howl,
And the moon is full and bright.

In the distances the torches are lit,
Hail Hekate for she is here,
Hail Hekate she is approaching near.

The fires rise, the hounds call out,
Our voices call for all to hear:
Hail Hekate! Queen of Heaven, Creatrix of Light!

Empress of the Void
Thou Empyrean Eye,
Infernal Eye,
Stellar Eye,
Eye of the Void,
From the Silence we call you, may the Earth shatter in your coming, and the Forgotten Lords of The Black Desert howl in the night praising your majesty.

Hekate Eranne, approaching called on by Love
Rejoice in the smell of burning fires,
Walk among Your Devotees and pour your blessings on us all.

Enthused by your mysteries revealed,
We revel in your glorious radiance!
You ignite the passions
Within the hearts of your children,
Each beat, a thunderous
Of our exultation and praise
In honour of your magnanimity!

Tender-Hearted Goddess, Key-Bearer of the World, whose Life-producing serpentine flames Forever bind together Devoted Souls.

Soteira, be ever present as the fire within our hearts, ever-spinning the Strophalos of Life, Death, and Rebirth – the triple Mysteries of the Cosmos.

Epiphanestate Thea, you have been with us since time immemorial – bestow upon us your Blessings, as we ignite your Sacred Fires from now to eternity!