Hymn to the Symbols of Hekate

[Collaborative work created by Tere Franco, Anna Marie, Debby Flavell and Sara Neheti Croft for the CoH, September 2014]

Shine the silver in the oak leaves of your august crown as you raise,
Imposing, your arms with coiled snakes.

Nights wandering daughter
Mountains tremble as you roam their distant reaches
And hounds raise their voices
To praise your splendor
As you fill solitary places with Light.
Trackways spring forth from wherever
Your golden feet graces the Earth
Wending their way into deep recesses
Bridging the abyss above and below.

In your wake, black dogs sing and dance with sepulchral delight,
Celebrating your presence at the crossroads in the night.
Your harvest of healing or baneful herbs fills the air with earthy tones.
You shine in the moonless night.

Here I am with my emerald eyes
I am the Mystery, are you the Wise?
Look at me do you feel the fear?
Tell me now, are you ready to hear?
Skin Shedder, Tree Climber, feel my bite
Sacred Knowledge will banish the night
You’ve journeyed far to meet my gaze
Hear my hiss, now enter my maze
Spiritual awakening, let me plant the seed
Shed the skin you no longer need.