Hymn to Hekate Enodia

[Collaborative work created by Aradia Moon, Anna Marie, Debby Flavell, Doriel Townend, Francine Derschner and Shadow-Raven Moon for the CoH, April 2015]

Each step in the darkness
Is guided by the light

(Breathing in and breathing out in a whisper)
Enodia …

Who has custody of my fears
Since the end of the trail

I feel Her presence
In the howling dog

(Breathing in and breathing out in a whisper)
Enodia …

At each turn of wind
The wings of the night

(Out loud and clear outstretched arms)
Hekate Enodia Salve!
Immense and infinite
At every turn of fate
Guide us and protect us.

Enodia, you have always walked with me
The path mapped out before my birth.
Enodia, it was your voice that spoke to me
Even when I could not hear your words.
You who watched & smiled as I stumbled.
Lady you gave me choices I did not know I had.
Did they all lead to the same destination?
Blessed was the day when I awakened
And followed my path with feet so sure.
The bewildering paths twisted & turned.
I walked the high and the low in fear and joy.
You have always walked with me
Before I knew you were my guide.
Enodia of the ways I thank you

Lady who walks in all directions
Your light shines at night
Guide to all those who have already been lost, Enodia she’ll be there

Queen of those who walk alone
Your torch brings hope of new beginnings and the sure,
In the darkest night, Enodia she’ll be there

Those who know your name overcome fear and death
With truth and bravery we cross all the paths of life
We jump into the unknown, Enodia she’ll be there

With this hymn we praise Her name
We sing the night, fear and courage, Death and Life
Always deep in our hearts, Enodia she’ll be there

In life my path is not so straight, but with your silent attendance I walk on.
Enodia you guide my feet this way, this path, this day.
Where will you take me Dear Enodia? Up and down, through river and stream,
Through life’s great circle, where all paths lead?
Year in year out you guide my way, sometimes easy, many a time hard.
But I have such faith in you Enodia, you light my way with touch held high.
You whisper guidance in my ears, you help me confront all my fears.
If I stray from lifes big map, you stay with me and guide me back.
Since I have started my path with you, my eyes are open my mind is free.
I so gladly follow you, wherever that may lead, safe in the knowledge you are with me.
In all ways and always I will honour thee.
Hail Enodia!

I walk
Darkness and Light
All paths are known to You.
Excuses left by the wayside
I walk
Hesitant steps
Eyes keen for signs of You.
The inexplicable detours
I walk
Blindly groping,
Sabotaging myself.
At times I prove a wilful child.
I walk
Darkness and Light
You greet me patiently
On roads known by you Enodia,
I walk.

Hekate. - Artwork by Devotee – Martina Santarsiero (Italy). Used with permission of the Artist.

Hekate. – Artwork by Devotee – Martina Santarsiero (Italy). Used with permission of the Artist.