Invocation for Protection to Hekate Apotropaia

[Collaborative work created by Lotus, Louise Hutchings, Arthur Freeheart, Hazel, Katerina Dogiama-Azeri, Candace LaRue and Renee Sosanna Olson for the CoH, March 2014]

Invocation for Protection to Hekate Apotropaia

Preparation: A personal object with which to imbue with apotropaic energy

Visualisation:  She stands before you on a cliff above the sea with large black wings which flap gently but powerfully. Two black dogs by Her side, She holds lit torches and has snakes which encircle and twist upon Her head.

[Stand or sit with dominant palm facing forwards and outwards, fingers outstretched, other hand outwards with palm facing upwards in a receiving position and when you are ready say the following]

Hekate Apotropaia!
Through the liminal veil
Under the night skies
I call to thee
Hekate Apotropaia!
Hear me now
See me now
Come now
Unconquerable Queen!
Protectress, Night Wanderer, Serpent Queen!
Come forth from beneath and from within
Entwine your will in time with mine
Take charge and protect my life, and ward around me
Strike doubt into the hearts of those who wish me harm
Let your baying hounds drive fear into those who intrude
Fix your Gorgon Stare upon those set against me in this world or from another
May your presence and protection prevail!
Ouranian, let not the winds break this shelter
Phosphoro, let not the fires destroy
Einalian, let not the waters overcome
Chthonia, let not trembling earth pull us under.

Visualisation: See Hekate with Her hand outstretched and a light coming from Her palm. See that light moving around you and becoming a protective bubble that surrounds. Watch as the bubble expands to protect you, the room you are in, the building you are in, the land you are on. Imagine you are encased in this protective bubble, able to move about the Earth easily but all harm must bounce right off.

(Note: If you are working with others who are in separate locations, each of you should see your own protective bubble and also see protective bubbles surrounding each of the people you are working with and the sacred space you share)

[TAKE OBJECT: Charge it/ breathe energy into it- whichever protective energy you feel drawn to and then say the following]

Askei kataskei lux tetrax damnameneus aisia (x3)

Light my path and project my magic.
With one blast from your palm, you change the course of destiny.
You rule Necessity and You give Freedom.
I am protected by Hekate Apotropaia.
Hail Hekate Apotropaia!
I call to thee, sweet singing Kharites three
Aglaia, Thalia and Euphrosyne,
May your gifts ever flourish, joy, grace and beauty
Hekate’s goddesses, ever walk with me.