Ritual – New Beginnings

New Beginnings Ritual


This ritual is designed for a new beginning in any area of a person’s life and because of this each person creates their own ‘talisman’ that symbolises the area within their life they wish for a new beginning in. This item can be anything and it can be as complex or as simple as the as the participant wishes it to be. Make sure this item is prepared in advance of the ritual.


The talisman is to be prepared BEFORE the ritual is conducted along with the awakening. The preparation and the awakening can be done at the same time if the participant so wishes it. This talisman will represent the area of your life that you are attempting to bring the new in (see below for creating your talisman).
This ritual is designed to be conducted three times: on the Dark Moon (for the cleansing), the New Moon (to build up power) and the Full Moon (to call/ bring forth the new). The hymn has four sections: Devotional; Dark Moon/Cleanse New Moon/ Build-Up of Power; Full Moon/Bring in the New). For each time you conduct the ritual (Dark, New, Full Moon), you will say the Devotional part of the hymn and do the introductory visualisation. Then you will proceed with the relevant hymn section, visualisation and epithet chant. The relevant items for each of the relevant phases e.g. herb, mineral, coloured candle and incense are optional and for the visualisations, you may wish to read and record it in order to use it.


This ritual is designed for a new beginning in any area of a person’s life (love life, career, spiritual, moving home). As such, this ritual can be tailored appropriately by the participant e.g. use of talisman, sigil etc. However we wish to highlight the consequences and limitations of this ritual:
Firstly, in the creation of this ritual ‘we the creators’ cannot accept responsibility for the outcomes of it, the responsibility ultimately lies with the participant and their relationship with Hecate and one’s individual competence in spell work.
Secondly, because of the first limitation aforementioned, each participant needs to be fully aware of the outcome. The outcome may not necessarily be one that the participant expected or desired. As we are all aware, the Goddess Hecate will bring about change/ results should you ask for it. Consequently, this should be respected and each participant should consider this before undertaking this ritual.
Thirdly, it is worth considering is that when one asks for the Goddess’s help we must be prepared to take action in the mundane world. We are asking Hecate for a helping hand up and thus, we ourselves must be willing and committed to push ourselves further with the Goddess’s help. The ritual is not designed to replace mundane action but to enhance it (e.g. asking the Goddess to help one make new friends but then spend all our time alone watching TV.)
Fourthly, each participant needs to question whether they should be undertaking this ritual to begin with. We suggest undertaking a divination method and asking for input from a friend (both on the results of the divination and their opinion).
Fifthly, we chose not to include a karmic cleanse because we deem it to be beyond the scope of the ritual. We do not doubt that a karmic cleanse of past ancestral patterns or such can be potent and liberating but that it may be a different ritual altogether with its own detailed process and aims. Perhaps it is a future endeavour for the group!


Your talisman will be unique for you and the area of your life you wish a new beginning in so think carefully about what you want it symbolise, your abilities to create a talisman and access to materials.
Ideas include:
Pouch (to hold various items of your choosing i.e. herbs, minerals, runes, natural items etc.)
Tarot Card, Mineral
Herbal or Mineral tincture (be sure to check if safe if you’re going to ingest)
Seal of Solomon, Jewellery, A craft/artistic design of your own
Natural items: stones, petals, shells, flowers, feathers, pine cones, bones
Sigil (to create a sigil see below *)
Mini trinket bottle

If your talisman is more than one item and requires assembly or creation (e.g. pouch, jewellery, your craft/artistic endeavour) then if you wish create your own mini-ritual to assemble/ create it. Once your talisman is prepared you may proceed to awaken it.

*Instructions on how to create a sigil

The tables follow Cornelius Agrippa’s grids as shown in David Rankine’s Lesson on Kameas on the CoH Files section.
Modern Greek is far more accessible and what I (Katerina) personally use. I adapted it from the ancient. The Hebrew language and Ancient Greek exist in David’s lesson already. These tables are to be used to sigilise intentions or epithets on the Kameas (which are magickal squares of the planets such as Moon, Mercury etc.).The method intensifies the sigils for spell work.

Gematria of English, Portuguese & Modern Greek. Hebrew & Ancient Greek exist on Files.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40
50 60 70 80 90 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800
English Language: GEMATRIA (based on Agrippa & David Rankine’s lesson on FILES)

Portuguese Language: GEMATRIA (based on Agrippa & David Rankine’s lesson on FILES)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40
50 60 70 80 90 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800

Modern Greek: GEMATRIA (based on Agrippa & David Rankine’s lesson on FILES)
The Modern Greek Alphabet has fewer letters than the Ancient (in general terms) and as such it is more accessible to non-Greek speakers. I made this based on Agrippa and Rankine’s lesson. If you wish to use the Ancient one, it’s located in David’s lesson on Kameas on the CoH Files section.

Aα Bβ Γγ Δδ Εε Ζζ
1 2 3 4 5 6
Ηη Θθ Ιι Κκ Λλ Μμ
7 8 9 10 20 30
Νν Ξξ Οο Ππ Ρρ Σσς
40 50 60 70 80 90
Ττ Υυ Φφ Χχ Ψψ Ωω
100 200 300 400 500 600


Here, participants are free to create a ritual out of doing this. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want to be. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done at your altar, especially if your talisman is something quite large (like a painting or an item you have made). Once your talisman is awakened, you can proceed onto the ritual.

Items required: Incense (any can be used here), one lit candle, salt/sand/earth and a small chalice of water.


Pass your talisman/sigil/pouch through the incense and say:
By the power of air, in the name of Hecate I consecrate you to my new beginning in….May you bring the clarity of air
Visualise Air taking your new beginning and placing it in the realm of Ideas

Pass your talisman/sigil/pouch over fire and say:
By the power of fire, in the name of Hecate I consecrate you to my new beginning in…. May you hold the motivation of fire
Visualise Fire taking your new beginning from the realm of Ideas and as it absorbs the Fire energy it receives an energy boost igniting it to bring to life

Sprinkle some water on your talisman/sigil/pouch and say:
By the power of water, in the name of Hecate, I consecrate you to my new beginning in…. May you hold the nourishment of waters
Visualise Water being poured over the ignited and electrified idea and as it does so, it starts to “grow” your idea. See your new beginning manifest in the Watery plane and feel your desire feeding it to enable to grow.

Sprinkle the salt/sand over your talisman/sigil/pouch and say:
By the power of earth, in the name of Hecate I consecrate you to my new beginning in…. May you manifest in the earthly plane and hold your power
Visualise your new beginning that has manifested in the Watery plane start to expand into the earthly plane, see it happening around in the mundane world

Imagine all the elements combined together forming Spirit, feel that power rise in you and then breathe on it and say:
In the name of Hecate [and …..], I name you my new beginning in….I give you life by the force of the elements and spirit. I give you purpose to work for me!

[Feel free to invoke other Spirit entities into this last sentence]


For all parts of ritual:
General candles, red CoH candle, your CoH hymn, your prepared talisman, pinch of salt or sand, small cup of water, your selected incense, offerings
Prepare your recording of the visualisations parts below, and make sure to have a copy easy for your to read during the ritual. It is a good idea to read through it to be prepared.

For Dark Moon/ cleansing:
Rue, obsidian, one black candle, palo santo incense

For New Moon/ bringing in the new:
Rosemary, quartz, one deep blue candle, lemongrass incense

For Full Moon/ building up power:
Laurel, moonstone, one white candle, myrrh incense


Ensure your altar is set up with items required
Prepare yourself as you normally would (bath, robe etc.)
Purify your spaces as you normally do
Make sure that you cast your circle and invite any protective spirits/elements should you feel you need it—THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP.


1) Light your general candles

2) Anoint yourself

3) Light your red candle

4) Place both your hands on your heart for three heartbeats, your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand to your lips for three heartbeats, and then to your brow for three heartbeats. Now enclose your thumbs within both your hands (in fists) and raise both your arms to the heavens. Open your hands and with palm upwards in your left hand, bring your right arm to your side palm facing downwards.

5) Recite your personal CoH hymn to Hecate

6) Say:
May my heart burn with desire for understanding [touch heart]
May my lips speak words of illuminated truth [touch lips]
May my visions be filled with divine knowledge [touch brow]

7) Take a few deep breaths to centre and ready yourself for the ritual and proceed

[To be conducted at the Dark Moon, New Moon and Full Moon at the start of ritual every time you do it]

Start the ritual by saying the Devotional part of the hymn:

Chaire Hecate Soteira, hail to you who holds the world soul spinning up in heavens and rolling down below!
I give honour to you and the light you bring forth shining down and into my soul
Behold your darkness and power beneath the realms of the Cosmos
Hold the keys of the universe at the gate between the realms, oh great Guardian

Then conduct the following introductory visualisation which will then morph into the next one when you do the next part of the ritual (Brimo for Dark Moon/Cleanse; Phosphorus for New Moon/Build Up of Power; Soteira for Full Moon/Bringing in the New).
See in your mind’s eye, Hecate appear before you, majestic and awesome. She holds torches, a dagger, a key, a scourge, and a snake. Her dress is flowing in the wind and her head-dress is bright and shiny. See Hecate in Her full glory and feel Her immense power spinning the World. As She spins the World, light and darkness pass before your eyes in succession. You feel gusts of winds rushing about you as Hecate throws open both the gates of heavens and the gates of the Underworlds. Hecate is in front of you. You are at a crossroads: above open to the heavens, below open to the underworlds.

[To be conducted at the Dark Moon]

Say the Cleansing part of the hymn:

Hail, Hecate Brimo! Bring your fiery justice to cleanse away hate and fear from this world!
You who have ability to untie the knots of the past, you who with your one touch of your hand can calm our pain.
You who stand before the Gates, Hecate Propylaia, at our sides stay, unison to cast out the profane.
Despoina, preserve the sacred places of your cult, we pray.
Borborophorba, Brimo, Propylaia
(Repeat these epithets 3x)

Then morph your introductory visualisation into the following Brimo visualisation. As you hold the final image of this visualisation in your mind, chant the relevant epithets three times. You may wish to either hold your talisman as you do this or direct energy into it with your optional material to hand to amplify the energy.

Hecate changes into her Brimo aspect, see the Goddess as Brimo with animal heads (choice of snake, dog, bull, horse, lion, frog etc.) See Hecate Brimo in all Her awesome power. Feel Her power like electricity flowing to you energising you and engulfing the cosmos. Hecate Brimo is at your side and nothing is greater than her. Hear the roaring of animals and hoofs as the world around you is overtaken by Brimo. See Brimo use her dagger to cut away the knots of the past and cut through all obstacles in your way. As Hecate Brimo cuts through the obstacles, observe how you feel – relieved, free, lifted from burdens. Hecate’s dagger brings you freedom from whatever held you back. She has cast out the profane. As the roaring of hooves and animals subsides, notice that where there were once harmful knots and cords to the past, an open path lay before you. In the distance you see Hecate’s sacred places. Thank Hecate Brimo for the new path before you as you continue on your journey.

Build-up of power
[To be conducted at the New Moon]

Say the Build-up of Power part of the hymn:

Magna Empress, Queen Trimegista Hecate, bring forth all your mighty glory, great goddess we call upon you.
Phosphorus, may your torches light our way forward, shine your light on the seeds of new beginnings.
Celestial fire! Fire from the entrails of the Earth! Beings of the heart of the volcano sacred to Hecate infuse this rite with your energy!
Give it the spark of life as I so desire and grow to fruition
Propolos, Katharos, Ameibousa
(Repeat these epithets 3x)

Then morph your introductory visualisation into the following Phosphorus visualisation. As you hold the final image of this visualisation in your mind, chant the relevant epithets three times.

As this new path stretches before your eyes, see Hecate Phosphorus at the crossroads with you. She is majestic and awesome: The Empress of Heaven, Earth and Sea, in all her glory. Torches in her hands shine so brightly you cannot look directly at them. Stand in their light. See and feel this light upon you. Her light penetrates your skin. Become one with the light from the torches, and observe how it feels within you. It moves through your veins and sparks a flame in your heart centre. The light whispers to only you that the elementals/spirits at the heart of volcanoes are chanting Hecate’s name and are energising your ‘seed’ of new beginning (your seed being your talisman).
Lay your hands in a triangle (the gesture of manifestation) over your talisman and see the light travel from Hecate’s torches into the talisman sparking a flame. The fire beings reach out through your hands and also touch this spark. See your talisman become bathed in light, penetrated to its core and energised by it. Hecate Phosphorus has transmitted the spark of life from her torches, to your heart and then to the talisman. See your talisman now holding the light of Phosphorus. It is glowing bright and pulsing with energy.

Bringing in the New
[To be conducted at the Full Moon]

Say the Bringing in the New part of the hymn:

Come oh Mother of all, as the earth blooms with your energy rises from the deep soil and bring the seeds of new beginning to light
Blessed be the Lady of the new beginnings; that your strength, your power and your light involve this new awakening of my deepest desire
And as we proceed, Hecate Soteira bestow security and protection upon our new beginning
That we have discernment to understand what will come in our choices again
Phosphorus, Megiste, Soteira
(Repeat these epithets 3x)
Then morph your introductory visualisation into the following Soteira visualisation. As you hold the final image of this visualisation in your mind, chant the relevant epithets three times. You may wish to either hold your talisman as you do this or direct energy into it with your optional material to hand to amplify the energy.

See Hecate Soteira in all her glory- Majestic, awesome, life-giving mother of all, mother of the gods, mother of angels and daemons, mother of worlds and humans. See Hecate Soteira – She is all around you and deep within your core. She is as vast and boundless as the skies and the sea. She is the Cosmic World Soul. It is through Hecate’s power to save that we experience life. See yourself inside Hecate’s life-giving womb. The skies have stretched down over your head to meet up with the edges of the sea and earth. You are safely encircled and so is the world. It’s familiar, comforting and rejuvenating. See before your eyes, rolling expansions of fertile earth with blooming trees and blossoming flowers, humans and animals being born and coming of age; so many endless possibilities for life to complete its cycle. Life is both fragile and resilient. It is through Hecate’s power to save that our talisman becomes part of the Cycle of Life with the same impetus to take root and grow. See Hecate Soteira make the talisman become part of your life with the same impetus to take root and grow and bear result. The crossroads you have stood on roll out to endless paths. You focus on the path that had already been carved out for your new beginning. The talisman is there nourished, energised, alive and ready to move to the next stage. See yourself at the crossroads, walking on the new path Brimo cut out at your request. Feel the spark of fire and light Phosphorus gifted you with for your talisman. Hecate Soteira has incorporated it into the fabric of the World. Know in your heart, that Hecate Soteira has cast her blessing protection upon your new beginning. Walk your path.


Have your offerings ready and then say:

Chaire to you Brimo who cut away the obstacles and made a path for me, I thank you from my heart and offer you….. (present your offering)

Chaire to you Phosphorus who illuminates the path laid in front of me, I thank you from my heart and offer you…… (present your offering)

Chaire to you Hecate with all your names, aiding in my magick, I thank you from my heart and offer you my gratitude.

(Rub palms together when it feels right open them upward to the heavens and see gratitude being given to the Goddess)

Take a few minutes and when you are ready ground yourself. Your ritual is now complete. If you want or need to, charge your talisman every so often using the optional material if you want to.