Tree Meditation

By Sorita d’Este

The exercise that follows can be used to create a simple, yet effective sacred space. It is also good for balancing your energy and the energy of the space you find yourself in. Please read through it now, you will be asked to refer back to it in due time as you work through the lessons in this course.

The Tree – A Balancing Exercise & Meditation

It is best to sit or stand for this exercise, which may be performed indoors or outdoors. Start by making yourself comfortable, removing any distractions. First do some gentle stretching exercises, nothing formal, just some movement to ensure that you will be comfortable and aware of your body prior to starting the meditation. If you are wearing shoes and it is practical to do so, remove them.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allow your body to relax and feel any stresses from your everyday life drain out of you. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly and then when you feel ready start the following visualisation exercise that will enable you to both balance your energies and create a sacred space around you.

Feel your body becoming heavy as it becomes the trunk of a large tree, visualise branches growing forth from your arms and sprouting from your shoulders and head. See and feel the texture of the bark on the trunk, the different textures on your branches and see leaves, their colour and texture. Next start to put forth roots into the earth from you feet, feel them going deeper and deeper into the earth, breaking through the different layers of soil, rock and deeper still into small underground streams of water, and pockets of air within the earth.

Keeping your awareness of the moist earth beneath you surrounding your roots, continue to breathe rhythmically, and with every in breath, and draw up the energy of Earth and of Water, the minerals and nutrients and water in the earth. Draw them up through your roots, feeling the energising and stimulating energy rise up into your trunk and spread throughout your branches. Allow the energy to sweep  throughout your entire being, creating a circuit of energy as the energy flows back through your trunk and roots.

Take a few deep breaths as you allow the Earth and Water energy to circulate throughout your body and then focus your mind on your branches and leaves, reaching upwards towards the heavens; the clouds, the Sun, the Moon and the Planets, the stars. Feel their energy radiating downwards onto your leaves. With every in breath draw in the energy of the Air and of Fire as the light of the Sun into your leaves, down into your branches and into your trunk, allowing it to circulate downwards into your roots and spreading throughout your entire being as it too creates a circuit of energy flowing through your body. Your whole body is a circuit of the Elemental energies flowing in balance.

Continue drawing in energy, so that with each in breath you draw up Earth and Water energy from the earth, and with every out breath you draw down Air and Fire energy from the heavens. Feel the different Elemental energies meeting at your heart centre, coalescing and being transmuted, empowering you with their energy. Feel the energy building up within you. You are now a balanced focus of the energies of the Elements, of the earth beneath you and the heavens above.

The above is an extract from the book TOWARDS THE WICCAN CIRCLE BY SORITA D’ESTE (Avalonia, 2008) adapted from the notes of the homestudy course by the same name facilitated by the author (with David Rankine) before it was published as a book in 2007. It is reproduced here with kind permission of the author and publishers. (c) 2001-2008 Sorita d’Este, all rights reserved.