Haikus for Hekate

[Collaborative work created by Lotus, Anna Marie, DCL and Hester Aira for the CoH, 2014]

“From Hekate’s hands
stars dance and whirl in the grove
soft moss underfoot” – Lotus

“Hekate dark queen
shine your torch and bring to light
that which I deny” – Lotus

“Wind howling through leaves
Birds singing, feet, hearts, pounding
Hekate World Tree” – DCL

“Clear my path and soul
Draw back veils and open doors
Thresholds should be crossed” – Hester Aira

“Shadowplay dancing
Along paths towards Hekate,
From darkness to light” – Anna Marie

“Chills and quickened heart,
The baying of hounds herald
Hekate’s approach” – Anna Marie

“From the windswept cliffs
Breathing life into the void
Hekate World Soul” – Lotus

“Thrice headed maiden,
Preserver of boundaries,
Protect my threshold” – Anna Marie

“Thrice headed maiden,
Flame Bearer at the crossroad,
Beacon to the lost” – Anna Marie

“Queen of the Darkness
whip your wings against the void
Let me hear your voice” – Hester Aira

“Serpent energy
Flowing from within our Selves
Hekate comes near” – DCL

Devotional Shrine, by CoH devotee Rabenzahl (Germany)

Devotional Shrine, by CoH devotee Rabenzahl (Germany)